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December 8, 2017
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ARROGANCE “Give Us A Break” rare first lp!


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ARROGANCE “Give Us A Break”  rare first lp! (U.S.Sugarbush) 1972 Yes the same Charlotte label as the beloved Greer and in fact he off and on played with these guys. This is a personal favorite here, not every track but when they are on it really works! Their debut features heavily Buffalo Springfield influenced country flavored rock with acoustic guitar, piano, bongos(!), and country-style vocal harmony. A very knowledgeable friend, who’s opinion I trust quite strongly, describes this somewhat differently: country/psych, with some prog moves, and reminiscent of a “funky” Neil Young.   It gets high marks from other friends as well. They feature Don Dixon in their line-up, if his name means anything to you. Originals are rare! Not the best copy but a collection filler and plays decently. Rough cover Many light marks on vinyl a few may produce surface sound 1.5 inch seam split bottom left 5 inch piece clear tape bottom right 8 inch seam split bottom right partially covered with clear tape 5 inches clear tape top right Most of top seam is split Crease bottom right tip Very light ringwear Light discoloration front cover so know what you are getting but considering a sealed original would be $300-$500 this is a good deal


Track listing
⦁ A1 Not Unusual 2:41
⦁ A2 Searchin’ 4:59
⦁ A3 To See Her Smile 4:38
⦁ A4 Our Love Will Last 2:54
⦁ A5 Ma and Pa 3:07
⦁ B1 Why Do You Love Me 3:36
⦁ B2 A Foreshadowing 5:45
⦁ B3 I Can See It in Your Eyes 2:21
⦁ B4 Pirates, Princes, and Kings 3:28
⦁ B5 Congratulations 3:45