Khazad Doom “Cherrytown” pre Level 6 1/2 w color booklet
September 22, 2016
Khazad Doom “Level 6 1/2”
September 22, 2016
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Hopkins Bradley “Nothing Hides Better Than darkness”


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Legitimate 500 Void Records Vinyl pressing of rare Ohio basement garage folk. Not unlike if McCartney and Lennon were trapped in a basement with sparse instrumentation and made an lp! A true classic and mega rarity in its original form. The original came in a plain white cover with names on it. For ours we have a lavish glossy cover with a nod to the title track “Nothing Hides Better Than Darkness. A lyric sheet is also included for folks who dig lyrics like me. “Daydreamer” is a standout to me. This is a must have lp! Only from the Void