August 25, 2022
August 25, 2022
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BAMBOO “Same” w Dave Ray


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BAMBOO “Same” w Dave Ray (U.S.) 1968 Record Condition: VG+ Cover Condition: VG++, cut corner

Singer/guitarist Dave Ray had previously been a member of the folk and blues outfit Koerner, Ray and Glover. In the wake of that trio’s collapse he built a recording studio in Minnesota and (judging by the album cover photo), decided to become a hippy. He also decided to get back into recording via a collaboration with singer/guitarist Will Donicht. While the cover of 1969’s “Bamboo” only shows Ray and Donicht, this was apparently a full scale band with bassist Daniel Lee Hall contributing several songs to the collection. Produced by Allan Emig, the album finds Ray and company opting for a much more rock oriented sound that his earlier catalog. Tracks such as ‘Girl Of The Seasons’ (which sounds like something David Crosby might have written and recorded), ‘Treehouse’ and the rocker ‘Blak Beri Cheri Blooz’ offer up a competent, mix of rock, country-rock, lite jazz and even psych touches.
“Bamboo” track listing:
(side 1)
1.) Girl Of The Seasons (Dave Ray) – 3:35
2.) Treehouse (Dave Ray) – 3:27
3.) Blak Beri Cheri Blooz (Daniel Lee Hall) – 3:45
4.) The Virgin Albatross (Dave Ray) – 2:40
5.) That’s My Life (Dave Ray) – 3:07
6.) August Man (Dave Ray) – 2:32
(side 2)
1.) The Odessey of Thaddeus Baxter (Will Donicht) -3:20
2.) 30 Seconds To Nashville (Dave Ray) – 0:30
3.) Anything But Love (Will Donicht) -1:55
4.) Sok Me Toot Tru Luv (Daniel Lee Hall) -3:35
5.) Lonely Homes (Dave Ray) – 2:49
6.) Keep What Makes You Feel Nice (Dave Ray) – 3:50