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August 4, 2022
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August 4, 2022
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DRAGO MLINAREC”- Rodenje” rare one on Jugoton


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DRAGO MLINAREC “Rodenje” (Jugoton ‘1975 Gatefold) Great prog From Croatia! Super tough to score in nice nick here is a nice ex/ex copy! As introductory thunderstorm smoothly sails into 13 minute “Beautiful Helen And Me Out In The Rain”, Rođenje unfolds upon amazed listener with dizzying palette of colors – courtesy of some jazz cats involved this time (Neven Frangeš on piano) Drago Mlinarec goes off like a kite even higher, following his muse and taking us along with him. The sound is only slightly changed this time around, with less rock guitars and more accent on jazz fusion but Mlinarec is too much of softie to completely leave acoustic folk behind, so we are served with some dreamy numbers (“Pjesma o djetinstvu”, “Pjesma povratnika”) while biggest surprise comes from pen of few centuries old Croatian poet Hanibal Lucić (lovely “Jur nijedna na svit vila” sung in ancient accent), I mean how uncommercial can you get? When you think it can’t get any better than this, finale is completely instrumental – either I am drinking too much coffee or this is really amazing. Yes, I often wonder off into schmaltzy schlager-land but I know genius when I hear one. What an artist, what a musician. If I see Drago Mlinarec on the street somewhere I will probably behave like a lunatic now. He just got himself a new fan.