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FAIRCHILD “Same” rare hard rocker from Minnesota… Get yours!


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FAIRCHILD “Same” (U.S. Private) 1978  VG+/M-   Much ringwear

Very rare hard rocker from Minnesota. This is the best and rarest of their 3 lps. A US group from the cold city of Minneapolis, performing in late-70’s.The first line-up included guitarist Tom Riopelle, singer Mike Ricci, drummer Mark Stellflug, keyboardist/flutist Mark Enstad and bassist Richard Wieser. They debuted in 1978 with a self-titled album (Flight Records).The sound of Fairchild had strong links with Styx and to a lesser extent with Journey, Ambrosia and 70’s Queen. Especially the first side is a pleasant and enjoyable amalgam of decent AOR and Pomp Rock, performed in a typical groovy US style with good synth work, light organ and expressive vocals with heart-felt lyrics. The music remains strong and tight all the way with some interesting guitar and keyboard parts. The second side though is a bit more demanding with more professional arrangements and a proggy edge at moments. The vocals remain in a kind of Queen/Styx vein but the instrumental passages have a lot to offer. From the floating synths to the heavy flute work and from the multi-vocal arrangements to the more upfront organ waves, the flipside actually sounds more like an accessible Prog album than a Pomp Rock effort. And both Fairchild’s faces are a delightful listening experience.

Brian Kinney (vocals, keyboards), Mike Ricci (vocals), Tom Riopelle (guitar, vocals), Richard Wieser (bass, vocals), Palmer Harbison (keyboards, vocals), Mark Enstad (keyboards, flute, vocals), Mark Steele (drums, percussion), Mark Stellflug (drums, percussion).

Track listing
⦁ A1 Breakout
⦁ A2 Do You Hear the Call
⦁ A3 A Place for Me
⦁ A4 Spin the Wheel
⦁ A5 I Ask You
⦁ B1 I’ve Got Love
⦁ B2 Never Give Up
⦁ B3 The Last Survivor
⦁ B4 Children of Yesterday
⦁ B5 Time Will Come