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FANTASIA “Same” Finnish prog – Resealed


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FANTASIA “Same” (Italian Mellotron) 2015 FANTASIA were a band from Finland who released this lone album back in 1975.  What I love about this album is the melancholy, and it’s not that obvious, but that’s what really appeals to me.! ‘Pilvien Takaa’ is the only track that really brings WIGWAM to mind for me. Keyboards, drums and vocals lead in this feel good opener. I really like the instrumental section from before 2 minutes to before 4 minutes. ‘Unikuva’ has this intro that is amazing and it comes and goes throughout this track. It’s basically drums, bass and guitar but it hits the spot perfectly for me. Some nice guitar before 3 minutes as well. ‘Huutokauppa’ has some good bottom end as the keys and guitar take turns leading over top. So good.! ‘Suihkuliidolla’ features some more great instrumental work. Again it’s melancholic. Some violin in this one too. ‘Hautausmaani Rannoilla’ opens with spacey synths then it kicks in at a minute with vocals. ‘Tulen Pisara’ opens with gentle guitar as reserved vocals join in then synths. Keys 2 minutes in then that melancholic mood sets in. Nice. Vocals are back before 4 1/2 minutes. ‘Agressio’ opens with psychedelic sounding guitar then it kicks in with some vigor with prominent drumming and guitar. ‘Harma Jazz’ is a short guitar led instrumental. ‘Depressio’ is laid back with guitar. Synths roll in after 2 minutes then it picks up some. It settles back again as the tempo continues to shift throughout.! M/M Limited release.

Track Listing: A1 Pilvien Takaa A2 Unikuva A3 Huutokauppa A4 Suihkuliidolla A5 Hautausmaani Rannoilla B1 Tulen Pisara B2 Agressio B3 Härmä Jazz B4 Depressio