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October 13, 2022
October 13, 2022
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FATHER YOD and The Spirit of 76 “Kohoutek” sealed mega rarity


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FATHER YOD & The Spirit of ‘76 “Kohoutek”(U.S.HIGHER KEY) 1973 RARE Psych Vinyl.Unplayed/Sealed Copy acquired from ex member of the Source Family cult.
a cultural document/statement, which is what I think was the goal was of all persons involved, it’s fascinating. Filled with the Father’s cosmic hippie mysticism, sung/spoken/chanted/warbled by the man himself, it feels like a fly-on-the-wall moment during one of their late night, high as a kite, communal garage-studio jam sessions. You can wave this all away as silly hippy shit and move on to more conventional records, and I’d choose to do that on plenty of days of the week myself. But I appreciate this album as a once in a lifetime product of time and place, a stew of influences and ideas that couldn’t have existed at any time but after the idealism (and naiveté) the Summer of Love brought about, but before Western culture was drowned in cynicism and irony and insincerity. No one is ever going to make a record like this again, for better or worse.