October 7, 2022
RENAISSANCE “NOVELLA” another fantastic gem!
October 7, 2022
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Renaissance Azure D’ Or Sire Records


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Azure D’ Or
Sire Records, US, 1979, 10 Tracks, Lyric Inner Sleeve, No Bar Code, Original Pressing

Vinyl: Near Mint
Sleeve: Very Good++

Very surprised…some good music here..! 1979 is waaay late for this previously folk/prog outfit to still be releasing music in a somewhat hostile “new wave” environment when most of their contemporaries had (..maybe wisely) faded out and disappeared. The orchestral instrumentation of the earlier Lp’s has been replaced with a string synth sound here, and it actually works a lot better than you’d expect. Some elements of their earlier folk/prog sound remain…but mostly this is heavily leaning toward late 70’s pop. Not a masterwork…but a reasonable attempt to move with the changing music scene with a handful of very good tracks among the so-so stuff.
Track listing
Jekyll and Hyde4:41
The Winter Tree3:05
Only Angels Have Wings3:43
Golden Key5:16
Forever Changing4:49
Secret Mission5:02
Kalynda (A Magical Isle)3:43
The Discovery4:27
The Flood at Lyons4:57