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TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI “Lambert Land” (Scandinavia – SONET RECORDS – SLP-2533)1973
This is a truly A GREAT album = intense complex playing a superb memorable melodies!
The cover: rated: “EX” (excellent)/M- is a VERY fragile gatefold cover with material like matte material around a picture in a frame, it is very easy to be soiled or dirty and almost impossible to find CLEAN — this (front) cover is a collection worthy M- and one of the better covers we’ve ever seen for not having dirt or soil (a survivor) ……Has no split seams, no delete marks, no writing and the pastel colors are still vibrant very collectible.
The vinyl: Rated: near M- is all very shiny, top copy, the deep grooves will play very clean and clear without bothersome surface noise! CLEAN “SONET” labels too!!
This is the most appreciated album by TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI, and it truly is a record worth of listening.”Lambert Land” is sincerely recommended to all fans of progressive rock music, and should fulfill all the requirements to acquire the status of a classic album internationally. An essential pancake for your turntable!SCARCE ORIGINAL 1973 “SONET” first pressing in textured gatefold cover, featuring the king pin Scandinavian progressive masterpiece …the amazing interplay of the band, the melodies, and creativity are remarkable throughout … May not have all the credit due with so many collectors in the dark on this one, but certainly is highly respected around the globe by the “in-crowd” … well, it’s brilliant. Guitarist Jukka Tolonen was at the top of his game in 1973, his inspired guitar playing is nothing short of spectacular. It’s futile and pointless trying to compare Tasavallan Presidentti to anyone. Pekka Pöyry on flute & reeds gives his own special touch to the album – his flute playing is often soft and gentle fluttering like a butterfly, and at the same time is able to blow avant notes by winding sax interplay. Don’t get it wrong though, Lambertland is ultimately a pretty raw and very wild album – you won’t find anything similar to the “slicker” and slightly over-produced approach of jazzrock or fusion styles. All in all, when it comes to “primitive” jazz/prog-rock, it rarely gets any better than this, having a very very unique approach, style and sound, loaded with complex chjanges — best of all are the melodies through both sides. With “Lambertland” Tasavallan Presidentti had developed well beyond the jazz-tempered, psychedelic rock of Steve Winwood’s Traffic, and produced this major classic. This is a progressive rock stylization that evolved in the typical European way: rock musicians taking in jazz influences (cf. much of American jazz rock was jazz musicians taking on board rock rhythms and electrification). Let’s examine one of the all time favorite prog/jazz-rock tunes, as a an example of this album .’The Bargain’ is a rock tune that within a few bars gets into complicated jazz structures. Fade up an urgent drum shuffle, quickly sax and exciting wah wah guitar, overlayed by the drums. Then a beautiful interplay of guitar with sax, giving a call and response with the vocalist. The lyrics are well sung in English beit in the blue rock style of the period – a lesson learned from fellow musicians Wigwam; if you want to break the British and US market sing in English. Lines of verses initially sound disconnected – but listen well these are words about shoe-shine boys, bargains, street hustle. This upbeat tune lingers long in the memory and simply has stood the test of time, as does all this album.

Side 1
Celebration Of The Saved Nine

Side 2
The Bargain
Last Quarters