June 18, 2022
June 18, 2022
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– devasting Texas ’60s Garageband from Corpus Christie

libertybellFirst time available on Vinyl in 30 years – remastered to most excellent sound ever at Pauler Acoustics –  full glossy LP sized Insert w/pics and history Corpus Christie, Texas 1967 – the town is a hotbed for young music groups. One of the local bands to cause attention are The Zulus. They are playing local gigs, have a certain popularity and a record deal is overdue. Carl Becker, co-owner of J-Beck Records, who had already managed the Zakary Thaks, offers the band a contract for his newly established Cee-Bee Label. On Beckers suggestion, the band changes their name to LIBERTY BELL and in 1967 their debut 45 “The Nazz Are Blue” b/w “Big Boss Men” gets released. The name Liberty Bell is indissoluble wedded with other self penned devasting garage recordings such as “That’s How It Will Be”, “For What You Lack” or the unreleased “I Can See”. In 1968 lead singer Ronnie Tanner leaves the band and gets replaced by former Zakary Thaks lead singer Chris Gerniottis. The change in line-up and the arising spirit of time gives a more psychedelic edge to the bands sound and leads to another load of classic Gerniottis written scorching fuzz recordings such as “Reality Is The Only Answer”, “Recognition” or “Look For Tomorrow”. For the first time in 25 years, the music of the Liberty Bell is available again on vinyl. Brillant Five-Star-Texas-Garage-Punk – always and ever. SIDE ONE 1.    The Nazz Are Blue (Cee Bee 1001/A-side – 1967) 2.    Big Boss Man (Cee Bee 1001/B-side – 1967) 3.    I Can See (unreleased – 1967) 4.    That’s How It Will Be (Cee Bee 1002/B-side – 1967) 5.    For What You Lack (Cee Bee 1002/A-side – 1967) 6.    Something For Me (Cee Bee 1003/B-side – 1967) 7.    Al’s Blues (Cee Bee 1003/A-side – 1967)    SIDE TWO 8.    I Can See – Version 2     (unreleased 1967 – different version) 9.    Reality Is The Only Answer     (unreleased 1968) 10.    Look For Tomorrow     Back Beat 595/B-side – 1968 11.    Thoughts & Visions     Back Beat 595/A-side – 1968 12.    Recognition     Back Beat 600/B-side – 1968 13.    Evelyn Kay     (unreleased 1968) 14.    Naw Naw Naw     Back Beat 600/A-side – 1968