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August 4, 2022
WIGWAM “Tombstone Valentine” rare one on Finnish Love label
August 4, 2022
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THE REJECTS “Toads Rejects” mega rare Canadian acid folk


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THE REJECTS “Toads Rejects” mega rare Canadian acid folk (Canadian Private Label) 1967 w Jeremy Dormouse himself here. Jeremy Dormouse’s self-released vinyl LP “Toad Rejects”. This LP has no labels on either side and certainly was done on a lo budget, which actually makes it even more rare and hard to find. I admit the while there was only 200 made, the cover is in poor shape but intact but certainly acceptable given the rarity. The LP itself plays fine, other then some blips but that may have been from the master and the poor quality in the first place. Recorded at a friends home in Peterborough Ontario, this was certainly done on a shoestring budget but is actually pretty cool! Great collector item that is just about impossible to find. Again, the cover is a little rough but the LP plays fine which is really all that matters. A real collector’s item from 1967.