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August 11, 2022
August 11, 2022
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THE ZOO “Same” psych!!!!!


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THE ZOO “Same” (French Mercury) 1970 Rare and sought 1970 ORIGINAL first pressing in thick gatefold cover… an interesting and great LP by this still unknown underground band called ZOO who feature some nice intricate playing by tripped-out professionals… in fact, one of our favorite albums = really nice artsy twists and turns with suitable bent edges in a progressive rock forma. Musically somewhere in between the UK Canterbury scene meets the Mothers of Invention (that is, the Mothers stellar playing–without the oddball goofs). One of the earliest projects of progressive rock in France. Besides the usual guitar, bass, drums keys structures, ZOO used violin & cello very successfully, and the sound of reeds is in dissonance with the main theme. ZOO made two albums that were also issued in small circulation in France, but the most popularity of the bands music (adventurous underground progressive) was in Britain and Spain and the USA.

Track List:
If You Lose Your Woman = (4:10)
Ramses = (4:40)
Bluezoo = (5:43)
Rhythm and Boss = (4:42)
Memphis Train = (3:24)
samedi soir a carnouet = (5:58)
You Sure Drive A Hard Bargain = (3:31)
Mammouth = (7:36)


The cover: The thick gatefold is solid… lightly handled, VG++ bit of wear on top seam, nothing much cause there are no split seams, or other alarming problems, but does have a small delete drill at bottom left….

The vinyl: highly shiny and clear EXCEPT a visual scratch on side one (VG+ and much better) that runs into two tracks and parts of two others. checked audio and plays fine with partially heard low end ticks but otherwise rest of LP and all of side two (“EX” (excellent) plays minty –  VERY RARE