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some yummies to start with




CREATION OF SUNLIGHT SAME (U.S.WINDI ) 1968 STILL SEALED… ..beautiful copy and chance to grab a cornerstone piece of psych! copy is sealed and has full front cvr in glorious color FRONT CVR IS M- TINY CNR BEND shrink is torn a bit Great psychedelic pop with a harder edge than most releases in the genre. All of the songs are very melodic and energetic and feature plenty of Hammond organ (‘Hammond Eggs’) and harmonies. Surprised to discover this is a private pressing because it sounds very professional and well crafted; even the cover at first glance looks like a major label distribution. Highly recommended. MEGA MEGA RARE SEALED $2200

CONTEXT 70 SAME (U.S.PRIVATE) 1970 UNPLAYED COPY COVER IS VG++ VERY LITE WEAR…Just a couple hundred made SOME FUZZ .mega rare grail piece �.$900.00

SWEET TOOTHE “TESTING” (U.S.DOMINION) 1975 STUNNING SEALED TOP COPY of rare WV rockers from the mind 70’s. Has grown to be a major collectible now. Melodic rock songs with influenses from blues to psychedelic rock with heavy acid fuzz guitar often. Can’t get a better copy than this…”Karen” “Music’s Gotta Stay” $1000.00

A JOINT EFFORT “FINAL EFFORT” (canadian private) 1975 cvr ex age wear no splits writing disc is ex couple small marks insert is here. SUPER RARE canadian hippie folk rock w some eagles/america covers $650

French-Canadian garage blues. Pretty rough and raw, at times almost reaching Sabbath s/t levels of heaviness. I like the drums on this (both the sound and the playing); this drummer is not content to just keep a beat…he’s very busy back there,almost like a faster, more aggressive poor man’s Ginger Baker. The whole enterprise is steeped in what the kids call “toxic masculinity” today VERY RECOMMENDED! $600

UNICORN “At the Coffee House Lounge” 1967 (U.S.Private Label) 1967  So this is the story that I have heard 50 of these discs were discovered as promo’s of the Ultimate Spinach. They had no covers. You will see some with white covers and some with a textured brown cover, nether have any writing. The music is terrific psychedelia and could well have been Ultimate Spinach either before or in disguise… This is a hard one to price…It has sold for $1000 and for $250…so an in between seems right but feel free to make an offer as well M/M $300

WILL and JAMES RAGAR “Same”(U.S.Private) 1980 cvr is in shrink I would say vg+ has several stickers on cvr some edge wear disc looks pretty nice at least VG++ maybe M-…this lp is very rare and has become very popular on the circuit, has already been reissued which tells you something.All original songs in the folkrock, country rock vein…clever lyrics and exceptionally performed $450


This record is in very good condition. It is very clean with a nice sheen. It has a few very light scratches. The labels are clean and sharp. The cover shows some edge wear, but no split seams or creases Prepare yourself for a real treat. Roger Salloom has been heralded as 2nd only to Dylan in songwriting. Why he remains so underground is a mystery, but likely it is because he really didn’t record much. In the 60s he made 2 lps as part of the pop-psych group Salloom-Sinclair & The Mother Bear on Cadet Concept, and then nothing until a more pop-rock self-released album in 1982. OK, so before all that he was still in a college town in Indiana, performing at this coffee house called The Owl. This document is from that period. And, it is simply brilliant. Void reissue INCLUDED $900.00

THE DAISY CHAIN STRAIGHT OR LAME” (U.S.Private)1967 mono Original mono pressing. Sleeve is in vg++ shape with tiny split at end of seam and slight bend to cover. Vinyl is in vg+ to ++ condition. Light surface noise. No scratches or skips. Ultra rare record. I like their raw and simple style and the lead vocalist also sounds nice.Although this garage LP suffers from inconsistency it still has some strong moments to offer and it’s worth giving a shot. The original pressing on United International is very rare..$400

YELLOW AUTUMN “Children of the Mist” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1977 M-/M- Though released in 1977, this fits in perfectly in the early 70’s U.K. folk/prog scene. It is exactly the kind of album of its genre that I seek, and offers all of the ingredients for a great record in my book. It’s what I typically refer to as Celtic folk, characterized by moderate to soft material, male/female vocal harmony, and genre relevant acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitar, tambourine, flute/recorder, violin/fiddle, etc. All are found here, and with keenly insightful, often poignant, well written songs. These albums generally borrow and rework some traditional tunes as well, and this one is no exception. It’s no wonder this has become a sought after collector’s item for genre fans. Though listing only three members as part of the band, they have extensive help from one Tony Selvage on violin throughout this LP. His input is vital to the resulting sound. All-in-all, I was quite pleasantly surprised with this one, never expecting such a comparatively late release to carry on the (by then) lost tradition of great folk/prog. They even dress up the parts on the cover, appearing in full gypsy regalia. Both vocalists have truly wonderful voices, and would have been standouts in any band they appeared in. Sadly, leader Gary Creighton died shortly after this was finished of an apparent heart condition. R.I.P.It’s easy to recommend this quite nice album for every folk fan out there. Especially if you dig those kind of albums which include both male and female singing.  � $325.00

NAOMI “COTTAGE SONGS”U.S.Private) 1975 Record is still in shrink wrap. Vinyl is clean and shiny and void of any scratches. Play tested using a Technics SL1200 fitted with a Shure V15 Type V. sound quality was VG++/EX with occasional surface noise. Overall EX….A delightful album full of authentic creativity. There are both acoustic led and backing band full on songs on tap here. “Get On Down” has a cool brass arrangement with funky vibes and a male backing vocal part. I Have A Blue Sky and The Lucky One are both dreamy songs full of subtle synth/keyboard moves. The spunky Mellowside is a cool change up. It said that her second album is jazzier and not as good as this debut effort. $325.00

BIG LOST RAINBOW “SAME” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1973 VG+/VG++  M- Insert Excellent progressive acid rock psych with later top 10 author Ridley Pearson on board! Ridley told me that there was a river in Idaho called the Big Lost and it is beautiful there, hence their name. The material is excellent and covers several genres and played beautifully. This is the original white cover copy. Both inserts are here and in M- shape…Read the words….they are important!..This is a real nice record to have – ..Limited pressings of this the white cvr and the second the black cvr…..both are rare..Cover is VG+…Textured cover with paste on back..some ring wear, overall wear.. small stain on front cvr…number 653 of the 1000 press…inserts are m- and disc is sweet vg++(euro ex) with very slight and small imperfections…plays nicely, be not afeared unless you are exremely anal…..$350.00

GANDALF “SAME “(U.S.CAPITOL) 1969   LEGENDARY PSYCH W AWESOME COVER…. CVR IS VG good color intact except tiny tear at cnrs..has free punch upper right W stkr partial removal, back cvr hs residue of sticker removal. This is a hard disc to grade. There is someugly marks on track one but it plays good with some hoise. However there are 2 skips on side one, rest plays fine so vg- side two is musch better vg++ few amrks some very lite noise! I just played this lp as I do this list! I figure a vg++ one would probably be $600 so $450 for this seems right plus you get the 20% discount! $450

SUB ZERO BAND “SAME (U.S.PRIVATE) 1972  MOUNTAIN HIPPIES Country flavored, folk driven rock, with west coast moves, electric violin, and male/female vocals.  Super rare, paste on sleeve on front blank back….in shrink with paste on overtop…heavy vinyl..cvr and disc are both solid vg++..highlight for me is “Too Many Religions” 200 press $300.00

HOPKINS BRADLEY: Same (U.S.Private) 1973 just 200 press so Incredibly rare garage folk psych, lost in time and in someone’s basement. A terrific album, better than Stone Harbour to me with haunting vocals and sparse arrangements. Sometimes Beatle-esque on some songs. Psychedelic effects on a few songs also.”Datdreamer”, “What am I supposed to do?. I have an unplayed original copy in plain white cover so m-/m-  a few covers were autographed but most in plain jacket..private press from an Ohio duo. It’s all acoustic folk rock with piano and guitar, reverbed vocals, and considerably crude production on the original issue, supposedly cleaned up somewhat for the Void reissue. Though there may have been a few copies autographed by the band members on the front cover (as in the currently posted cover image), the majority came in just a plain white jacket. $475

HOMECOMING “Same”(U.S.Private) 1983 SEALED Truly a lost in time LP with a sound that comes right out of the mid-’70s, and a heavy dose of Neil Young with echoey vocals and meandering guitar leads. (from Acid Archives) Very great and ultra rare Private Press from 1983.Xian flavored but has so much more A true gem !!!!!A masterpiece from the beginning to the end that continues to grow in me after every listening.Very small press $500

BLUE CONDITION “BEYOND THE SUN” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1976  COVER IS VG+ TO ++  HAS SOME LITE WEAR, A BIT OF DIRT AT TOP..DISC IS EX AND PLAYS GREAT!  This was a very small press and is super rare now and an excellent lp! Blue Condition was an indie rock band who operated out of South Carolina. Their obscure private press album is a mix of 70’s AOR with touches of rural and progressive rock. The album is well arranged and produced. ‘Hourglass’ is a storming rural rocker with excellent guitar and keyboard work. The catchy high paced ‘My Girl’ is a standout as well as the melancholic Piscean Lady .$500

DAN LEWIS “TOWARD THE LIGHT” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1979 SEALED….very rare private press of ambitious psych ROCK AND FOLK IN A LONER way….just a few hundred made and very interesting in a real people way. $300.00

TORMENTORS “Hangin’ Round” (U.S.Royal) 1967 cvr vg++ good color ust edgewear disc vg++ few lite marks very rare now, has gone for $1000 Competently done garage rock album with mostly original stuff, some occasional pop moves and a couple of ballads thrown in.For me, their best material is the harder stuff, so I choose as highlights both “Blue Blooded Lady” and “Black Coffee” which pretty muck rocks out throughout. And let tell you that the last time I’ve listened the whole album (for gradings purposes), I’ve realized that “She’s Gone” was also surprisingly good. Pretty good album but more garage than psychedelic $500

BEYOND: Music And (U.S.Private) 1980  SEALED ORIGINAL  Terrific private U.S.vinyl pressing of just 500, long gone now with great psychedelic cover! Songs are spacey and like a garage space trio…awesome all the way.. Their private-pressed album opens with a number of progressive cuts, basically in a Hard Prog vein with some Rush sensibilities, spaced-out effects and psychedelic overtones, but the pretentious vocals ruin the experience.”Dirge overture” stands out from the mass, very good violin/guitar-driven rhythmic Prog with complex exercises and some experimental touches, not to mention the aggressive bass I have a SEALED original copy from some lucky collector $125.00

ICE “Melting Your Mind” (U.S.BonnY) 1972 SEALED original of 500 press way back when. This lp includes the guitar of Big Red now a legend of Austin music scene. The only negative is that its relatively short lp. Cool generic cover….nice one $300.00 ALSO VG++/M- $250

SYN “CAST THE FIRST STONE” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1980 SEALED SMALL PRESS Rare album of the underground US Prog scene, this Syn, propably from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, operated with a five-piece core of multi-instrumentalists Marc and Phillip Britton, lead female singer/guitarist Gloria Giarrusso, keyboardist/violinist Duane Loeper and drummer Randy Paxson.Through the liner notes it seems they were active already from the 70’s, but ”Cast the first stone” (1980, Cheap Plastic Records) is the only document they left behind.And what a weird name for a label to use.Neither cheap nor plastic, the music here is so flexible and varied you’ll hardly get bored.Basic rock instrumentation with lots of keyboards and piano and occasional flourishes of sax, flute and violin in a semi-Prog, semi-Pomp Rock, semi-Art Rock contenxt.Everything here is cut in the middle, otherwise this could have been a really fantastic, overlooked Prog album.Elements of US Prog like Kansas-like pounding rhythms and Hard Rock vibes, Sunblind Lion-like melodramatic arrangements with standard Rock components and the effortless influence by Classic acts like Genesis on the Moog synth leads.Strong songwriting, some beautiful atmospheres, nice interplays, I would wish there had been more of them.And a great cover too for an overall pretty solid package of music and illustration. SEALED $125 OPEN M-/M- $100

MICHAEL YONKERS “MICHAEL LEE YONKERS” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1974 SEALED ORIGINAL…small pressing…another excellent and ambitious album by this minnesota master….you”ll love it and it’s virgin sealed 100.00

GREENWOOD, CURLEE & CLYDE ‎– One Time, One Place (U.S.Private) 1972 SOLID vg++ all the way around…The main thrust is soft, communal hippy, acoustic guitar-driven folk/rock, with some psych influences. Personal picks are “Little Willy” and “Wondering”. They were from St. Paul, in Minn. and the album came with a lyric insert. startling 48 minutes $300.00

JED Merlin’s Song (August Records � NR14398) 1982 sealed copy (seal has split along opening for about half way along the opening). of the psych/folk band JED – Merlin’s Song The album truly brings the practice of Medieval folk strumming to life with excellent vocal performances. The lyrics are enchanting and the album truly does evoke the sense of magic around every corner. Excellent medieval Folk, delicate, fragile and intimate, on par with most sacred UK 70’s monsters.  add to the mix it was a private pressing of 300 copies, and so you can forget to locate it as an original vinyl issue. Sadly Jed has passed away now $300.00

THE JELLYBEAN BANDITS “Same” (U.S.Mainstream) cvr is vg+ intact but has edgewear great color on cvr disc is vg++ pretty nice some marks The sole Lp released by The Jelly Bean Bandits was by far Mainstream Records best album, very awesome instrumentation and vocals. Another August Revisited is one of the best tracks with some great keyboard added in. A real joy to listen to. Highly recommended!!$200

THE OTHER HALF “SAME” (U.S.ACTA) 1968 SEALED YES SEALED Top Of Sealed Spine Shows Some Edge Wear.Top sawmark on bottom  So this S/T album has a bluesy and also a bit psychedelic garage rock sound. “Feathered Fish”, “Oz Lee Eaves Drop” and “Morning Fire” are examples about the best parts of this album. “What Can I Do for You, The Other Half” is the longest song of the album reaching almost seven minutes and it’s also one of the highlights here.  $350.00

PROPINQUITY “SAME” (U.S.OWL) 1972 cvr vg++ lite wear disc also vg++ has a long scratch at the beginning of side one but does little, a few clicks, some soft noise thats it
Excellent hippie folk album. Very nice and gentle melodies, mellow rural atmospheres with male and female vocals. A must for every folk fan!Very much a ’70s timepiece, there’s a distinctive “hippy” vibe in these grooves. Bell bottom blue jeans, vests, long frizzy hair, echoes of Fairport Convention, Steelye Span and even CSN&Y. If you approach this one with the right frame of mind, it’s a charming collection $200

GLEN RIVER “Broken Hearts and Invisible Heroes” (U.S.Catbird) 1979 cvr vg+ some wear has autograph on back disc is a solid vg++ to m- sweet ultra rare folk gem tiny press…rising $100

STONE HARBOUR “Emerges” (u.s.Private/Void) ORIGINAL CVR which is vg+ bottom left corner has been sliced off just a bit 2 inches long 1/16 of an inch deep disc is a Void sold out reissue unplayed.$100.00

SCRAM “Same” (U.S.Private) 1980 SEALED Scram were a band from Ohio. 5 members, some of them ex Lodestar. Good, typical US hard rock of the early eighties, with impressive dual lead guitars and some melodic rock trends. A mix of Fortress, Red Bud Thunder, Creed, Granmax and Moxy. $100

WINGED STALLION “JOURNEY’S LONG” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1984 � sealed copy of ethereal acid folk progressive which is very well played by a large ensemble. one of the later date pieces that are worth grabbing…title cut is outstanding SEALED $75.00

JD BLACKFOOT “The Ultimate Prophecy”(U.S.Mercury)1970 CVR IS NICE VG++ LITE WEAR SMALL CNR DNG DISC is vg++ a cuple very lite marks Very competent country-rock / hard rock with psych touches. Side one takes cues from “Buffalo Springfield Again” period Neil Young. Side two is more of a proggy hard rock suite complete with silly/awesome cosmic lyrics. Great vocal delivery, nice guitar work, fantastic drums. Everything delivered with 100% conviction. A transitonal album from psychedelic hard rock to southern country rock with good guitar and an exiting & powerful second side. $100

SOJOURNER “Wings of an Eagle” (U.S.Private) 1978 SEALED SLIGHTLY BENT CNR 500 PRESS BACK IN 78. Well regarded Xian rocker original songs…sealed $100 m-/m- insert $75

AL SIMONES “Enchanted Forest” (U.S.Purple Phrogg) 1977 sealed window covr gatefold great homemade psychedelia very highly rated and very small press $150

SPRUCE “Same” (U.S.Private) 1976 cvr is vg++ some wear disc is m- $100 Let me say that this is an under rated gem. Rock to country rock, elements of psych, great songs throughout. This was a small press (I spoke with band) and has gone for a lot of money.. I have several copies and can offer it at a good price..If this copy sells I also have an autographed copy(on cvr)vg top split/vg++ $65

STRONGBOW “Same” (U.S.Southwind) 1975 still sealed $75 copy two cvr vg+ to vg+ some rw at bottom edge wear disc is m- interesting prog rock in the Kansas vein..not one to miss $50

TREEFOX “Rough Road” (U.S.Private) 1978 cvr is VG+ inatct but some ringwear disc is solid vg++ Tree Fox was an obscure and short-lived band from New York. Their only one album shows a nice melodic and rural southern rock, with country/blues influences and keyboards, in the vein of Charlie Daniels Band, Allman Brothers Band, Roadmap and Two Guns. $50

TUKANON: Same (U.S.Private)1981 Great wasted hard rocker from Washington state. This is a real good lp throughout. “Let me play my music” and “Fire in my Soul”..4 piece band that takes no prisoners.. Small 500 pressing way back when. Here I have a sweetmeat SEALED original $100


FREEDOM NORTH “SAME” ( CANADIAN AQUARIUS) 1971 cover is real nice vg++ slight rw disc is close to m- side one side 2 is vg+ there are a couple noticeable marksExcellent post psychedelic pop rock , very consistent with plenty of great songs. It was released in 1970 but the whole atmosphere reminds more of 1968. ”Lonely man” is probably the highlight , ”Dr Tom” and ”Take a Look at me” are fine psychedelic tunes. Rare as an original press , it is easy to understand why it is sought after by the collectors The female vocals on “Lonely Man” are a particular highlight. $250

FRANCK DERVIEUX “DIMENSION M” (CANADIAN COLUMBIA)1972 GATEFOLD CVR VG++ LITE WEAR INSERT IS HERE DISC APPEARS M- An extraordinary masterpiece of “proto” prog/canterburian with some avant touches. Very entertaining!!!A very personal album that reveals its charms on repeated listens,and is made more poignant when considering Dervieux’s tragic end. $100

MILKWEED”SAME” (CANADIAN CCL) 1978 cvr is vg++ some rw disc appears to be m-One of the obscure prog bands from late ’70 from Quebec – Canada zone is definetly Milkweed. They released one album in 1978 self titled and then gone into oblivion. This is accesible symphonic prog, quite typical for that period, with all that there are some nice parts here and there. What is odd about this album and ADDS to overall enjoyment are some poetry parts integrated in semi instrumental music offered. The poetry are narrated by vocalist Pierre Nadeau. So, overall good, there some nice instrumental sections specially on longest tune Out for a walk clocking around 13 min and a half. Quite obscure and quite rare $200

LES SINNERS “SINNERISME”(canadian rusticana) 1967 cover is vg+(+) has some seam wear tho not split disc side a vg++ some very lite marks side b has a few larger marks vg+ top shelf canadian psych garage $150

LES SINNERS “SAME”DRAGON FACE (CANADIAN TRANSWORLD) 1971  LOVELY EX EX COPY A consistently great, psych influenced, semi-comm prog rock sound, featuring echoed flute and COMPELLING sounding French vocals. $200.00 VG/VG COPY $100

PHILIP LEWIN “AM I REALLY HERE ALL ALONE”(Canadian Private 1975  STILL SEALED..Private press folk album by an american expat in Toronto. Mostly lo fi rhythm and lead guitars with echoey vocals and one piano track. SUPER RARE $325

PHILIP JOHN LEWIN “DIAMOND LOVE AND OTHER REALTIES”(CANADIAN GARGOYLE) 1976 M/M…A MUST OWN RECORD! a-side here is pretty beastly. late-nite loungey 70s SSW fare with a jazzy/funky flare done to perfection. in some strange time-space filter it comes out sounding vividly real vs. dated/cheesy. he lets the tracks really drift…   A Friend of Mine / Hanging Around Waiting are both shorter songs in a Dylan-ish angry folk mold and kinda of break the spell you’re under after the stoney looseness that leads up to it. he gets back to it on “Other Realities” and “Drummers Lament” and even though the re-connect isn’t quite there, all over its a pretty spooky record. the guy is definitely a head, and definitely a weird cat and i really dig where he took this ethereal midnight spaced lounge jazz stuff. like Justen O’Brien + Jake it quickly becomes a much heavier record than you had initially imagined…   mature and sensitive but still pretty weird. $200.00

McKENNA MENDOLSON Mainline “Blues”(Canadian Paragon) 1969  rare one on the famous Canadian label)1969 cvr is real nice ex+ disc nice also vg++   Hard and heavy blues rock, with extended improv’s, and featuring harmonica and some wailin’ guitar. $200.00

ET CETERA  “SAME” (CANADIAN APOSTROPHE) 1976  EX/ EX LITE RW   One-album wonders from the Quebec scene, Et Cetera combine the intricate vocals and the whimsical playfulness of Gentle Giant, the excellent technical chops and diversions into jazziness of the more intricate Canterbury or jazz-rock fusion groups, and an overall excellent command of atmosphere and mood. With much of the band contributing to the vocals, the standout instrumental performance for me comes from electronics wizard Marie Bernard Pagé, who shares keyboard duties with the group’s saxophonist-flutist Denis Chartrand, and whose delicate contributions really bring the sound of the album together much as Dave Stewart’s keyboards tie together the work of Hatfield and the North or National Health. The album is filled with strong and quite beautiful material with solid instrumental work. If you ask me this one is an extremely consistent totality because there are no weak tracks at all. On the other hand it’s pretty hard to choose any clear highlights as well because all of the songs are very good. $75.00

GUY TREPANIER “SAME’ (CANADIAN POLYDOR) 1971   textured gatefold cover is ex  close to m-  disc is ex as well….contains the rare lyrci booklet which is m-…….this is rare now stunning debut album from this canadian artist…progressive rock with some pop psych leanings….a  gem!  $150.00


CAREY ROWLAND “REVELATION 5.9” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1979   super rare christian themed acid folk sounds….very few of these were made…flimsy cardboard cover is vg+ some wear..disc is m-…carey’s signature on disc label….hardly ever offered 150.00

BLUE MAX “Limited Edition” (Canadian Solar) 1976 most excellent, and totally obscure, 70’s hard rock from the nova scotia. the main thing that keeps limited edition from falling totally into the ash heap of classic metal history is the astounding, epic-length, crunchy, ultra heavy magnum opus march of the trolls, a great song! these guys were clearly several years ahead of their time. though recorded in nov. of ’76, the overall sound of this album is fairly typical of 80’s commercial heavy metal, and features dual guitar, bass, and drums. all 10 songs are great! this is a super rare sealed copy…has some wear around edges but to my knowledge no sealed copy has ever been offered.$350

DAN AR BRAS “terre nouvelle” (canadian gamma)1977 lovely gatefold is vg+ or better…intact disc is nice m- A concept instrumental album built around the legend of Ys, a mythical city which was engulfed in the bay of Douarnenez in Brittany. This legend inspired many other works, musical or literary. Musicians include Benoît Widemann] from Magma, Dave Pegg from Fairport Convention and Emmanuelle Parrenin. As you can guess from this eclectic cast, the music is eclectic too, borrowing from rock and folk ; despite its dramatic theme, it is mostly a quiet, laid-back album, with Breton folk music reminiscences in the melodies. $25.00

Les Chanceliers “Le P’Tit Popy Toi Jeune Fille” (Canadian Citaion cn16010)1967 cvr vg- musch wear tape on top disc vg+ fairly clean wsome smaller scratches..nice effort Canadian garage/pop $25

Les Lutins “En Orbite Volume 2” (Canadian Carousel) 1968 stereo cvr vg- much wear coh slight tear disc nice vg+ enjoyable..Pretty top heap garage $75

Les Lutins “Same” (Canadian Carousel cr-5401)1968 cvr nice VG+ scoh some wear disc is vg has numerous lite marks plays oay w passive noise…good garage $75 also vg- cvr scoh much wear disc vg numerous marks but plays ok w noise $50

Les Hou-lops (Canadian Canusa) 1969 decent vg/vg copy cover has scoh and some wear disc has numerous lite marks plays okay with some passive noise like most from this period good garage rock w some pop here and there $25

BRUCE MANN “is every poet a genius” (canadian private) 1978  sealed  what a great find here..sort of a loner acid folk guy here with some unique lyrics and vibes…small press…here’s one….rare already $75

BRUCE MANN “THE ORMSTOWN FAIR AFFAIR” (canadian thunderstorm) 1980    sealed  his equally rare and masterful second album . w title song and “the motorcyckle song” bruce has a way of delivering his unqie songs to the listener…loner, acid  $65

WINSTON GEORGE “Any Direction” (Canadian Ergo) 1970 Fairly soft, and extremely consistent singer/song writer style folk, with major similarities to Phil Ochs, though with a more pleasing voice. I also detected a few elements of Dylan, not surprisingly. This has gotten VERY RARE and this is a lovely copy in M-/M- shape. $175.00

PIERRE RAPSAT “Musicolor” (canadianbarclay) 1975 nice copy of rare acid folk cvr vg++ lite rw disc is shiny and vg++pierre takes a shot at some acid folk psych vibes and we are the winner. this is hard to find now a grail piece of canada…other one on ebay is $1400+ here $500

VERONIQUE CHALOT “À l’entrée du temps clair’ (Italian �Materiali Sonori �) 1979 very rare  LOVELY EX CVR EX OR BETTER DISC Chalot’s beautiful voice lends a certain ethereal quality to this album, even on the surprisingly percussion heavy “Chant mauresque.” The album sounds mythic, like something from the distant past.I admit it, I like this type of music better when there’s a beautiful female voice at the heart of it. Despite release on Italian label, very much a French folk album in the Breton vein. The slow and ethereal “Le Bouvier” reminds me of some of Alan Stivell’s best work circa Chemins de Terres, but his voice isn’t quite as pretty $150.00

LA REVOLUTION FRANCAISE “C.Cool” (French Canusa)1968 cvr vg++ some edge wear cvr wear nice tho disc is m- strange one on Tony Roman’s label..ex Sinners guys tracks like ‘Et La Terre Tournera’ incorporating a tasty hard rock edge while retaining the earlier group’s commercial sound. Even conventional ballads like ‘Coule L’Amour’ and the Baroque-tinged ‘Pierre-Paul Ladouceaur’ reflected a modest psychy feel complete with pounding keyboards and drifty, acid influenced atmospherics. Yeah, ‘Bingo’ was little more than a studio throwaway, but having one loser on side one wasn’t a major crime. The side long title track was a different story. Set against strumming acoustic guitars with occasional sound effects, isolated electric guitar runs, and even a sitar interlude, the song featured a weird, meandering mixture of spoken word narratives and isolated song fragments.$100


BRENT TITCOMB “All Beings Be Happy ” (Canadian Private) 1977 cvr vg+ some overall wear most would say ex..disc is nice m- not perfect but close
This is a very eclectic album. It’s folk rock but deeper. The first track “Sahajiya (we’re born together) sets the tone and the last track on side B “Gnostic Serenade” ends the same tone, it’s mystical a journey with the song “Tibetan Bells” being a popular song for BT when he toured. This is a rare bird this album. I could play it all day and all night and all day and would still love it, good luck finding it. Some jaw-harp is played by BT on this album, but that’s the least of which is unique and good about it. BT has a deep rich voice and plays acoustic guitar as well. $60

TIDE “Almost Live” (U.S.Mouth) 1971 SEALED ORIGINAL Interesting progressive rock from Kansas $100
open copy in vg++/m- shape $75


BLUES CREATION “DEMON & THE ELEVEN CHILDREN” (JAPANESE BLOW UP) W OBI 1975 Nice copy of psych classic. Jacket: VG + (It is very beautiful except for the tape peeling marks on the jacket RIGHT SIDE in the photo.) disc VG++ couple scuffs, small hairlines. this is a real triumph of early hard stuff. The riffs and execution are tough, energetic and pretty forward thinking (meaning it sounds more like the future of heavy rock than the past). Not as eccentric as Flower Travellin’ Band, but also way more confident than many other heavy/psych Japanese bands, this makes me really want to grab the rest of their stuff. Even the longer, more involved tracks pack a real punch of fuzzed out guitars, Sabbath-like arrangements and general great stuff. Excellent production and good vocals help as well. Very recommended. “Demon & Eleven Children” is a gritty, smoky slice of bluesy jammy rock with a strong backbone. One thing is for damn sure, these guys can riff; the guitar playing throughout is damn impressive, with some solos that really rip. I can feel the energy coming through on moments like the colossal “Just I Was Born” which perfectly exemplify everything I need from a group like this – heavy riffs and interesting progressions that will keep my head slamming furiously throughout $275

STRAWBERRY PATH (jimmy & hiro) when the raven has come (japan philips) 1971 original fx 8516 top shelf heavy japanese psych – rated as one of the best of this genre.the thick gatefold sleeve is in excellent condition. the disc is near mint – seldom offered.condition - EX/NM the band mixes the elements of hard rock, psychedelia and blues rock here in their only LP. Some of the songs also include elements from progressive rock but those are not as dominant as the elements from the aforementioned genres.$500.00

MOPS “Rain” (JAPANESE LIBERTY) 1972 VG+/M- Cover EX if not for a cm 8 split upper seam right side. No OBI. This one is great, and mostly progressive hard rock. $250.00

Much more experimental than the cover and ‘contemporary folk’ genre tag suggest. This album has plenty of psychedelic studio effects while still maintaining a sense of melody. Another user noted the are similarities to Itsutsu no Akai Fusen; Takashi Nishioka actually happened to be in both groups. In some ways this reminds me of Fishman’s Longseason, except a 60s/70s version. Both have the sort of dreamy feel and track segues and ‘la-la’ vocals.$200

CARMEN MAKI & OZ- III (JAPANESE KITTY) 1977 lovely copy m-/m- obi +insert  another heavy hard hitter with joplin like vox hard to score $50.00

THE TIGERS “HUMAN RENAISSANCE”(JAPANESE POLYDOR) 1968 W OBI GATEFOLD IS M- W little Booklet attached inside…DISC IS M- also shiny and heavy, few light marks..Pretty good light psychedelic rock..a keep er copy…related to PYG…MY FAVE IS “THE BROKEN EARTH” $75

COSMOS FACTORY “A Journey With ” (Japanese Express ETP-72083)1975 cvr vg++ close to m- but has a iny tear on front OBI is here! disc is minty Punchy instrumental passages, spacey synth explorations, and cool piano ballads with faux French voice-overs together form the perfect soundtrack for that half-forgotten 1970s movie you may have watched (or did you just dream about it?) on late-night public-access TV. The unironic theme sustained throughout is positively endearing. Take A Journey With The Cosmos Factory to The Infinite Universe of Our Mind.$75

MINAKO YOSHIDA “Tobira no fuyu” (Japanese Showboat) 1996 REPRESS WHICH IS NOW ALSO RARE thick textured gatefold is M- disc is also M-Minako Yoshida’s debut is different to what she evolved later. It feels more spiritual and traditional and truly captures the essence of winter (album title means ‘Winter’s Door’), t’s really 70s sounding, and Ms. Yoshida’s voice sounds a lot like Taeko Ohnuki, who in turn sounds a lot (to me at least) like a Japanese Christine McVie. It’s beautiful, though! A beautiful, unexpected joy. $100

JERICHO JONES “Junkies,Monkeys and Donkeys” (French A&m) 1971 laminated gatefold cvr is m- slight edge wear disc is m-Jericho Jones was a band composed by Israelian guys and relocated in England (pre Jericho). Their sound is near to a hard rock with strong psychedelic influences. Nice harmony vocals and pleasant wah-wah guitars. Post Churchills TERRIFIC LP $250

SAINT JUST Same � (Japanese Crime) 1973? Thick heavy gatefold cvr is M- nice disc looks unplayed so m-beautiful! Saint Just’s debut is an unusual album coming from Italy. Folk rock is its root system, but played with more urgency and with a haunting quality. In this way it’s like the best of the UK bands operating in this space. There’s not a lot like this from Italy though, maybe the first Opus Avantra or early Pierrot Lunaire, though not as experimental as that might imply. Be prepared for Jenny Sorrenti’s voice, which is high pitched, and just short of being annoying. But it is sung in her native Italian, which is a huge plus. Worth noting that Jenny (known as simply “Jane” here) is the sister of the more famous Alan Sorrenti.V Saint Just’s debut is an unusual album coming from Italy. Folk rock is its root system, but played with more urgency and with a haunting quality. In this way it’s like the best of the UK bands operating in this space. There’s not a lot like this from Italy though, maybe the first Opus Avantra or early Pierrot Lunaire, though not as experimental as that might imply. Be prepared for Jenny Sorrenti’s voice, which is high pitched, and just short of being annoying. But it is sung in her native Italian, which is a huge plus. Worth noting that Jenny (known as simply “Jane” here) is the sister of the more famous Alan Sorrenti. $100

ROISIN DUBH Roisin Dubh 1978 (Italian cetra) 1978 � Cover and record EX, nice Celtic folk only released in Italy great album and rare exquisite female vocals on most $125

RUST “Come With Me” (German Hor Zu) 1969 cvr is nice vg++ lite wear edge wear disc is vg+ to ++
Although this band located in Germany and their only LP was released by a German label these guys were from the UK and Australia. Rust’s only LP is psych rock oriented but there are some very early progressive elements as well. But those are indeed very limited. Some hard rock sound can be heard as well.This one is still worth checking out for the psych fans because there are many good songs included. $100

STORM “Storm at the Top” (Swiss Harvest)1975 interesting piece here progressive yet with some pop laminated cover would be m- but has a stkr removal top right and top cvr has split..couold be easily glues back so I guess vg to vg+ disc is nice at m-

TOPO “Same” on Spanish Chapa 1979 First Press GREAT Hard From Spain in lovely ex/ex condition… Ex Asfalto…Long-lasting Spanish Pop&Hard Rock band.Their debut is by far their most progressive effort overall, a blend of serious Hard Rock with fiery electric guitars and more refined Prog Rock with more pronounced keys (synthesizer, organ).While their material is basically evolving through compact songwriting and the cuts are not particularly long, there are some nice and extended instrumental parts, sometimes assisted by multi-vocal singing or stripped-down/acoustic ballad-styled moves.Great 70’s atmosphere throughout and sometimes a very bombastic sound with dramatic edges. $75

I ROMANS “GENTE QUI GENTE LA”(ITALIAN STYLE ) 1970 nice ex/ex copy of rare beat pop sounds lite cvr wear, few marks on disc…. I Romans are an Italian band, over three decades moved from its origins to the beat/prog of pop music more melodic..$125.00 SLOGANS “PHOTOSYNTHESIS” (ITALIAN SL) 1983 M-/M- copy but not a great press, keep in mind RARE $125

Morte Viene Dallo Spazio “the sky over Giza” ( Debemur Morti Productions) 2019  Fantastic space rock/psychprog EP. COVER DISC ALL MINT…..COLORED VINYL….LIMITED PRESS..COOL ARTWORK…GREAT WORK OF ART this one is highly recommended $35.00

One of those albums that keeps getting better with each listen. The female vocals are simply wonderful, and the melodies are great from start to finish. “Coming Home” is a killer track, and “Can You Dig It”, “Filthy Sky”, “His Name Was Tom” and “Woodstock Generation” are all great songs as well. The rest of the album is still very good, making this one pretty consistant and worth tracing. A rare and excellent blues rock album with strong leading female vocals and explosive electric guitar.$200

BRAINTICKET “COTTONWOODHILL” (GERMAN BELLAPHON)BLS5563 1978 CVR IS VG++ BOTH DISCS ARE NICE VG++ SMALL FLAWS What a total freak out Brainticket’s debut long play Cottonwoodhill is. I don’t know if I can find the words. The lead guitar (Ron Bryer) is spectacular, the keyboards (Joel Vandroogenbroeck) are spectacular, and the female vocalist (Dawn Muir) is damn near orgasmic! $45

STEAMHAMMER “Mountains” (German Brian 2001) 1975 cvr is m- slight edge wear disc is m- “Mountains” was the third and best album by the british band Steamhammer. Bluesy psychedelic rock, atmospheric and jammed, with the excellent lead guitars of Martin Pugh in great evidence.$60

SPLASH “UUT PA VASCHAN! (GERMAN POLYDOR) 1972 vg++ lite edge wear/m-VERY VERY RARE Splash were greatly influenced by bands like CHICAGO and BLOOD,SWEAT AND TEARS,so their sound was much driven by the band’s horn section, including refined sax attacks, melodic horns and bluesy trumpet parts, especially in the instrumental parts.The keyboard work of Rundqvist still played a major role though, filling the tracks with organ preludes and calm jazzy piano passages.Unlike many Jazz/Blues-based Progressive bands, Splash focused on producing some lovely and melodic tunes,moving far from the Jazz improvised structures, creating thus memorable and delicate song-based material.Vocals are all in Swedish with an excellent color and become real highligh throughout the listening.The style overall is quite rich, polished and elegant.Good early-70’s Jazz/Blues-Rock with nice balance and melodic arrangements, far from being too complicated.A bit dated for today’s standards but definitely well-played $250

DHARMA BLUES – same – (major minor uk) 1969 a1/b1 mint original smcp 5017 a1/b1 very rare 1st pressing – stunning!the laminated sleeve is near mint the disc is also near mint $300

TULLY “SAME” (AUSSIE COLUMBIA  SCXO-7926) 1970 Fold open laminated cvr is vg++ lite wear. The disc plays vg, looks vg-…has numerous lite marks but two bigger ones, one on each side. There is noise in the background on most of the skips tho…..a good chance to get an expensive records on the cheap On first listen, i think i actually like this one better than the ‘Sea of Joy’ album.Im not exactly sure why, only that i was pleasantly surprised by the depth and scope of this album. This band is not in any way, a run-of-the-mill 70’s stoner rock band from Oz, despite often being lumped along side other Aussie bands from the same era.Tully are a cut above in experimentation, instrumentation and songwriting and this album shows us why.A vast array of instruments and a great blend of psychedelic meets progressive folk sounds and a superbly rich production. This is a fantastic debut album by a bunch of ultra talented and creative musicians. A real trip!Quite diverse, this ecclectic album seems to be all over the map. It’s very trippy prog rock, featuring a mix of hard and softer pop and folk, as well as some spacey psychedelic stuff. Certainly not your most consistent album, but enough good mat’l to make investigation worthwhile. A Beautiful, mysterious and a very original sound. $100.00

PELOMA BOKIU “same”(Greek Lyra) 1972 cvr vg++ nice some edge wear disc is vg+ has one long visible scrath side two which I can’t feel and some other makrs, plays with some noise This is a really lost-in-time gem,of fuzz/acid/psych rock music,that should be heard from all psychedelic rock listeners.What attracts me most on this one,is the quality of the musical compositions,the superb vocals of Vlassis Mponatsos (may he rest in peace),and the exceptional groove.No more endless soloing on the distortion! The band demonstrates true music.Must hear this! rare now $300

LOS YAKI “Volume 2” (Mexican Capitol) 1966 Garage pop psych band Pretty difficult to find..cvr is sealed in a light shrink..looks vg++ disc is vg++ has some marks not feelable heavy vinyl helps. has some noise here and there Great album highly desired $200

LOS PASOS “same” (Spanish Hispavox) s50.006 1981 issue laminated cover is vg++ small cnr ding very lite edgewear disc is m- nice mix of pop psych , psych and a bit garagey $100

PHOENIX “Mugur De Fluier” (Romanian Electrocord) 1991 single sleeve second issue VG++/VG+(+)Light general wear, light background noise   Phoenix are the most important rock band from Romania.
This is their second album, the one with stronger folk influences. In fact, Whilst you could hear traces of Romanian tradition even in their debut album, here it becomes the dominant force. Many songs are acoustic, and the electric ones have one foot in folk music as well, with violin, percussion, and odd meter patterns. Even though the band had to cope with the censorship of Ceaucescu’s regime, the album was another huge success and songs like “Strunga” and the title track became classics. $100.00

CHALICE “OVERFLOW” (AUSSIE POLYDOR) 1975 cvr vg+ cnr bend on left bottom disc nice m
FROM RATE YOUR MUSIC The first thing that caught my eye was the similarity of the covers of deep Purple’s “Overflow” and “Come Taste the Band”. However, that’s where the similarity ended. For Chalice, unlike Deep Purple, does not play hard rock, but power-pop music. I would even dub it as a sunshine power-pop, how cheerful and upbeat this music is. This is the same sunshine power-pop, which in the first third of the 70s began to be performed by cute young hairy people in flimsy multi-colored suits and shirts, the collars of which had to be over jackets.The album “Overflow” consists of a dozen songs arranged so that the driving perky numbers were diluted with ballads. Pleasant clean vocals, powerful backing vocals, rhythmic and melodic music. The only thing I thought was superfluous was the inclusion of country-like inserts – a harmonica in “Standing on a Mountain Top” and a banjo in “Mums and Dad”. However, in terms of quality, the album turned out to be quite smooth. $60

TORTILLA “Little Heroes” (netherlands catfish)1971 ex/ex no insert nice copy great psych rocker highly recommened! $100.00

A superb, yet rather typical of its vintage, progressive rock debut by these West Germans. Of course, their stand-out feature is the extensive use of electric violin, though very little of this music is actually based around its use. It just adds a wonderful addition to their fine prog sound. The playing is tight, and much of their material is on the harder edge, especially the opener. But they do not dwell on that entirely. Rather, there is a good blend of tempos throughout. $100.00

TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI ”Lambert Land” (Danish sonet) slp 2533 1972 gatefold cvr vg++ nice disc very nice m-..couple scuffs w Jukka Tolonen Extraordinarily consistently excellent, this is fantastic fusion, mixed with some straight prog rock, and featuring English lyrics A MUST �$75.00

FRAMUS FIVE “BLUES IN SOUL” (CZECH SUPRAPHON) 1971 great color cvr strong vg++ disc as well very nice strong VG++  Nice soulful/jazzy/r&r/easy listening. Don’t expect any hidden garage punkers, but never the less a really well played album, suitable for lazy Sunday afternoons. $75.00

PINK FLOYD “ummagumma” (german harvest)  gigi cvr    rare 1970’s issue…gatefold is laminated and in ex shape  tiny writing inside cvr…the discs are bothe very nice looks beautiful� $100

LOCHNESS “SAME” (MEXICAN PRIVATE) 1990 M-/M-  Loch Ness were the root group for the 1990s psychedelic explosion that suddenly appeared in Mexico – and then vanished without a trace by the end of the decade. Humus, Frolic Froth, Smoking the Century Away, Euphoric Darkness, and a few others all can point to Loch Ness for paving the way. On theirdebut, Loch Ness lays out what the Mexican space rock scene was going to look like for the next few years. On this great lp more of the same is going on! Picking up where Sensations Fix’ left off on Portable Madness, and then integrating in some early Krautrock like Guru Guru and Gila, Loch Ness mix high octane guitar licks with a slight jazzy undertone in the rhythms.  Every so often, they venture into Sabbath zones – $75.00

ICEBERG “En Directe” (Spanish Boccaccio) 1978 gatefold is vg++ nice disc is m- First and last Iceberg live album, but this is not your ordinary live release, cause all tracks are previously unreleased.Recorded early in 1978, this is explosive Jazz Fusion, as we already know the band could perform, opening with an 18-min. sidelong period Fusion opus, featuring smoking electric guitar and quirky synth, but also some annoying funky clavinet.The guitar solos are pretty excellent.”Canco per qualsevol orquestra” is rather mediocre Jazz/Blues Rock with emphasis on long guitar/piano solos and happy beats, while the 11-min. closer is really fiery Jazz Fusion in fast paces, where the Latin vibes of the band come in evidence.This should be in the possession of all those loving dense and virtuosic Jazz Fusion. $50

The Mushroom Palace I ran inside today is a place of cosmic sadness few would want to stay

Just a psychedelic is your ticket in,,,when inside you can’t hide from the calling of your sin


THE GROUPIES “Same” (U.S.Earth)1969 SEALED Some wear under cover it’s old! The Groupies. It’s a series of interviews with actual groupies about the whole groupie phenomenon. The girls and women recorded here are equally charming, perceptive, filthy, hilarious, and pretty self-aware. Producer Alan Lorber uses some simple but fantastic stereo panning and loops from time to time. Sampled by Pulp and Propellerheads.Really, a great album all way through One of my favorite cover designs $60

REAL EYES “Same” (U.S.Private)1981 SEALED W Large book! it is tasty and creative stuff throughout which might appeal to virtually anyone..some prog, rural folk, hard rock, even a Zappa esque song..This was a 1000 press. The guy behind it became a pretty well used sound man. $125

KING “The King” (U.S.Private) 1982 very rare private press 500 made cvr vg++ mostly in shrink some wear underneath, disc is m- played once unique album much like Real Eyes shows a variety of music and they hit on the point mostly

NEW MOAN HEY “Blues Harvest” (U.S.Private) 1970 w Ponti and Sarah Bone beautiful textured cover is strong vg++ some edge wear at top disc is M-This is Blues through and through – with lots of Harmonica and swampy arrangements. There’s a female vocalist that belts out some fine singing. They would have benefited from some additional rock oriented energy. If you’re into full on Blues and rare underground private pressings – this is for you. a must $100

RIDE “EASY HARD TIMES” (U.S.Private) 1978 pretty good second lp in the same Dead like vein CVr is vg++ just a tiny cnr dent, has lyric insert which mint. Disc is VG++ HAS ONE LITE MARK THAT I CAN SEE. RARE $150

STUART SCHARF “THE DISGUISES ALBUM” (LAISSEZ FAIRE) 1975 unplayed gatefold jacket in m- shape  disc is unplayed fragile folk sounds and some appearances by roberta flackthis was always super rare until somone fell into a small batch of the, they are gone now $100.00

MICHAEL STYERS “BEARING A GENTLE MESSAGE” (u.s.private press) 1980 cvr in shrink m- disc has a couple finger scuffs but else is m- rare lp as had very small press Michael Styers is a very competent guitarist and the overall musicianship is strong on this platter. The guitar melodies standout. There’s some female backing that adds nice flavor. $100

WINDFLOWER DREAMS (U.S.Private) 1976 MID 70 S ATTEMpT BY A VERY YOUNG BAND TO PLAYS some harder rock w a somewhat garage tilt..Very overhyped early on this one is a pretty decent effort considering the factors mentioned above. It even has the cheesy organ sounds! OPEN COPY M-VG++ $150

SO IT GOES “EMORY UNI ALMANAC” (U.S.Private press) 1973 SEALED ORIGINAL GOOD MIX OF PSYCHEDELIA, RURAL ROCK, SOME FOLKY ACID THINGS ALSO LIKE Why Dont We Get Stoned? there is band here called Road Turkey which was an early version of the Heartbreakers…not many made way back then a gem .$200

KANSAS CITY JAMMERS Got Good (U.S.PRIVATE) 1972 SEALED Eclectic rock psych here w some great songs and lyrics for a sign midnight watch” hard to find sealed now $200

MAD FABLES “GET OFF” (U.S. PRIVATE) 1977 The vinyl condition is VG+ Numerous lite hairline marks but plays vg+ the jacket condition is VG-/VG in shrink but please take a look at the pictures there is some moisture damage primarily to the upper right corner of the jacket. Rare NJ Dead like jam psych band. Wow, a real gem, one of those far beyond my expectations: totally unassuming sort of meeting between the DEAD (in its seventies garb, post PIG PEN…), the ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND (DUANE still alive) and LITTLE FEAT. Believe me or not, but this is the kind of record the more it goes the more it improves, with side two being one of the most desirable in the whole genre. $75 better copy vg++/m- $100

THE MOODY BLUES “GO nOW” (U.S.London) st ps 428 SEALED On this you can tell why they had the name Moody Blues. They started out like the Animals and the Zombies in the types of music they played. This is a lot different than the stuff they are known for. The direction they took is a completely different sound than these beginnings.Denny Laine is here

JOHN SOUTHERN “EQUINOX” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1975 SEALED ORIGINAL Housed in a striking thick album jacket, this little known private rural folk debut is an outsider real people record. There s a nifty fuzz guitar breakout in My Place In The Woods �On The Isle Of You has a fuller sound and moves into a commercial rock oriented direction instrumental John-Hooley is an interesting short interlude to the proceedings – Psych moves present in Not So Long Ago with backward guitar sound arrangements and closer lat Grass Plains Of Oklahoma has an organ arrangement that adds to an overall solid mid-paced folk pop rock song. $225.00

JOHN SOUTHERN “DEPARTURE” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1979 sealed vinyl john’s equally as rare 2nd lp. this one sounds a bit more commercial than equinox with solid songs and good playing. from electric folk to country rock $150.00 A MUST FOR PRVATE PRESS COLLECTORS

MESMERIZING EYE “A MUSICAL LIGHT SHOW” (U.S.SMASH) mono cover but they didn’t make any mono discs so stereo cover is strong vg++ just a tiny coh disc is sweet m-exploitation lp of avant garde psych it reminds one of the dreamies lp! $125

MOONSTONE “SAME” (U.S.VOID RECORDS) TEST PRESS FOR VOID REISSUE ONLY 5 EXIST! exact cover is m- disc is also m-..label has moonstone written on it….a very rare gem.This is a highly melodic example of purely acoustic psychedelic folk that consisted of the five band members Randy Price (vocals, electric & acoustic guitars), Michael Heath (vocals, 6- & 12-string acoustic guitars, piano), Carolyn MacLeod (vocals, acoustic guitar, piano), Francis Path (flute) and David Bass who of course played bass! This is light and airy music that sounds somewhere between the British folk of bands like Fairport Convention and some sort of Americana country roots music with an emphasis on the strong harmonic interplay of MacLeod s charismatic and strong feminine vocals that work well with the male vocals. $50

UNIQUES”same” (U.S.Paula 2204; stereo; 1969). rare soulful garage in great shape…cvr is vg++ in shrink…disc is vg++ or better…rare in this shape…paula had some cool records on the label $65.00

CHILD “SAME ” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1977 SEALED AND AUTOGRAPHED…excellent small private pressing of hard rock w dualling geetars. The two guitarists are quite accomplished, and frequently dual with each other in some rockin’ passages, especially the blues numbers, which make great use of slide guitar. Other tracks feature some buzzing metal guitar as well. There is even some melotron on one of the comparatively softer tunes, displaying their versatility $50.00

SILVER METRE “SAME” (national general) 1970 w leigh stephens and pete sears gatefold cvr is vg++ nice very lte wear disc is vg++ some lite marks but plays nice The real meat of this album is found on the B side, this is where they finally start to really rock out. The first song Sixty Years On is a killer mid-paced psych hard rocker and the pounding ‘Nightflight’ gets is done. $25

SLY BOOTS “NOTES ON A JOURNEY” (U.S.FAITHFUL VIRUE) 1970 promo copy! gatefold is vg++ lite wer dj stamp on back..disc is STRONG VG++ Sly Boots was primarily the efforts of song writers Michael Wendroff and David Greenberg, who both play the guitar parts on the album. They have backing on bass, drums and keyboards. The album is mostly rather soft, slow, and even lazy, rural and country flavored rock with acoustic guitar and vocal duet. We find a couple of uptempo rockers on side 2, where the atmosphere is definitely a little livelier. The record features great production, and the stereo separation is particularly good, with one guitar clearly in one speaker, and the other opposite it. All in all, it is a very good album $50

THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION “SAME” (U.S.FLICK DISC) 1968 cvr is a solid vg+…has faint crayon upper right age wear, scoh intact tho…DISC IS vg++ just a few very faint marks..One of the only three releases on MGM’s “flick disc” psychedelic label. Only around half of the tracks have vocals, the remaining instrumentals feature some nice brass, string and organ work but tend to rely too much on repetition. Not one of the tracks breaks 3 minutes either and so ultimately they all seem to be over before they begin. Still some nice sounds – “Cold Wisconsin Nights” is a great opener…$50

BOSTON TEA PARTY “SAME” (U.S.FLICK DISC) 1968 IN SHRINK  CVR  in shrink…has lite ringwear underneath, stocker removal so vg+ to vg++ disc appears to be vg++ just a few faint marks
This really is an excellent album, among the very best pop/psych records recorded this side of the Atlantic.   this is one of those LP’s where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. It just keeps comin’ at ya, with one great song after another, in a way few records of it’s ilk are able to. It’s fairly easy to tell they were clearly a garage band, and the zealous production work on the album is not able to completely hide this fact. The main forte of this release is it’s fabulous song writing. Their sound is bolstered by soaring vocal harmonies, powerful organ, and psych effects, but hampered by noticeably weak guitar. On tracks where a strong guitar break would clearly put it over the top, guitarist Stevens lacks the talent to deliver. Fortunately for the band, though, he more than made up for it with his song writing ability, participating with other members on, or solely writing, each of the ten cuts offered. Looking at this as a garage album, most fans would agree, it’s really quite strong. $50.00

Vaquero means “cowboy” from its Spanish translation. Band leader Doug Cashman chose the name at whim, with no particular meaning attached to it. He and bass player Ron Sadus were close friends of Ray (Berry) Oakley, and formed a seminal garage band together in Park Forest, IL in 1963. Oakley later took his guitar skills south to Florida in the late 60’s, eventually hooking up with the Allman Bros, and succumbing to head injuries from a motorcycle accident in 1972. Sadus also passed away, he while recording this album, in 1979. Anyone expecting this to be an Allman’s tribute album will be off the mark, though they still shouldn’t be disappointed. It’s musically very diverse and rather light, semi-commercial rock with some light jazz elements included. There are several instrumentals mixed in with the pleasant vocal tracks. Everything is bolstered with solid guitar provided by Cashman and guest guitarists. Though there are numerous styles present, all seem to flow well together, even the somewhat out of place pedal steel driven “Drivin’ Me Crazy”, the only outright country track on here. I don’t think many would consider this essential by any stretch, and it’s reputation among the psychedelic rock set is a mystery. But anyone seeking a solidly entertaining and yet highly obscure offering should dig these grooves. The original vinyl came with a pic sleeve with an image of Oakley’s grave site on one side, and liner notes on the other.. $200

HIGHWAY ROBBERY “FOR LOVE OR MONEY” (U.S.RCA) 1972 SEALED SAWMARK LEFT UPPER AREA US killer Hard Rock from 1972. The Music can be best described as a cross between, Granicus, Bang and Sir Lord Baltimore.$100

TINGLNG MOTHER’S CIRCUS “CIRCUS OF THE MIND” (U.S.MUSICOR) 1968 SEALED A very consistent album of psych influenced male vocal pop, with fuzz guitar. The album was recorded in NYC., but they in the liner notes, they thank all of their Mexican friends who crossed the border, leaving you to your own conclusions about their origins.The Tingling Mother’s Circus’ sole album is a type of charming orchestrated pop psych, with dual male and female vocals – and small bouts of organ and fuzz guitar to definitely give it that late 60s edge. If you can conjure up a 1968 image of ‘Sunday Kind of Feeling’ and ‘Happy Bubble’, then I think you already know how this album will sound without having to hit the YouTube samples first. $100.00


NEW DAY”SAME” (U.S.Private) 1977 This is yet another lost in time lp sounds like it could have been made much earlier! West Coast Vibe with a sort of female vocal Grateful Dead echo in my head.Title cut just rolls along with some great playing! “Blood of Freedom” “House of the Rising Sun” cvr is terrific! I have a rare SEALED copy for someone…$200.00


HYBRID ICE “NO RULES” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1988 sealed this is basically( brigg )a few tokes down the road.Nice AOR/pomp rock album by Hybrid Ice. After a good first album in pomp rock vein, similar to Styx, Boston and West Wind, this come back album (1987) contains a more mid-’80 AOR-oriented sound with good keyboards, in the vein of Prophet, Patriarch, Jaugernaut (second album), Spys, Boston, Beau Coup and Link…LIMITED ISSUE $50.00

WITS END “Same” (U.S.Guiness GNS 36006 ) 1977 VG+(+) /M- Torn off piece of cover top right (unusual cut corner) Seamwear mostly top seam  Ripple creases off of spine   Very light ringwear Very light discoloration back cover. Disc very sweet. Rare hard rocker on infamous tax scam label…$100.00

VENOM “Same” rare southern hard rocker (U.S.Private) 1982 M-/M- copy of heavy duty rock album with a hot guitarist…small press and long long gone. Guy is a minister now I believe.good southern rock from Jacksonville, Florida, in the vein of Lynyrd Skynyrd. The lead guitar’s sound is very nice, deep and impressive. $100.00

MONTGOMERY COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE “latitudes 1972-73” (u.s.private) 1973 cvr m- in shrink disc is m- as well $75

THE INVICTAS “A GO GO” (Phillips Academy M8OP 5817) 1961 SUPER RARE YELLOW COVER. VG-/VG-Many marks on record which will have fairly constant clicks and pops and crackle between tracks Very rough cover Writing front cover and both labels Streak marks front cover Stain front cover Sticker tear front top right Ripple crease front right  Light ringwear Discoloration back cover Sticker discoloraton back top right 7 inch seam split bottom right 9 inch seam split top right SUPER RARE $175.00

CARL ERDMANN “BIZARROPHYTES” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1981 SEALED  trancey sitar by carl with some terrific melodic sounds. Abner Burnett guests… ALREADY A REISSUE great $125.00

GEORGIA PROPHETS “FEVER” (U.S.CUSTOM 8) 1971 COVER IS VG+ Partial sticker front cover Black marker writing front cover Ringwear mostly back cover Light discoloration spots back cover Light seamwear A couple of ripple creases back off of spine. DISC NICE VG++…SOME GREAT COVER TUNES BY BRUCE DEES AND COMPANY. These guys were most likely a southern bar act that gathered enough of a local following to make them decide to enter a studio to record some of their better material. They were obviously big fans of Stills and Young, as many of the covers on this mostly covers album were done by them. And these covers are, for the most part, quite accurate, and when they do deviate, it’s for the better. “Down By the River” and “Funk 49” are the highlites to my ears, featuring powerful renditions of both these now well known hits that weren’t as well known in 1971. Other good cuts include “Roll Over Beethoven”, “Sama Rock”, “Feelin’ Alright”, and “Long Time Gone”.  This is a pretty rare one, and not reissued yet as far as I know, but worth seeking out. $150.00

THE WASHINGTON APPLE “Fresh Country Apples” (U.S.Delicious rerords) 1970 RARE Vinyl Grade: Vg++ ; some faint paper scuffs and a few light scratches, clean copy!Cover Grade: Vg++ in shrink ; no splits, some light edge wear. all corners have some creasing A real sleeper, this album remains highly obscure even among collectors. It’s female vocal pop, with many covers, and good period flavor, mixed with some heavier psych influenced cuts. It probably won’t knock your socks off, but it is certainly worth investigation $150 slightly lesser copy $100

ILLUSION “Same” (U.S.Sinergia) 1974 vg+ to ++ edge wear stkr on back disc m- cover is textured Several songs do standout, like the anti-war tracks – ‘Not Yet’ with it’s fuzz guitar sounds and then ‘Drafted’, which has a catchy guitar harmony. The cover drives some of the collectibility of this rare private press.Very nice psych folk vibes…have a couple copies in similar condition $150

FLYWHEEL “SAME” (U.S.LEHAN) 1977 still in shrink but opened. sleeve is in great condition and the record has no scratches and plays great.M-/M- Very rare private press mid 70’s stock. $350.00

CINCINNATTI JOE and MAD LYDIA (U.S.River Witch) 1971  I love this raw record. It’s funky at times, freaky at times…Reminds one of Sly and the Stone. Lydia is definitely mad and quite likely a witch. I guess Cincinnatti Joe just hooked up with a crazy hot white chick and tagged along. He’s got a decent voice though and this to me is one of those quirky underground crazy albums. Nice bass playing throughout. Love Lydia’s songs/verses….really really one of those weird pieces  SEALED  $150.00
PROPINQUITY “same” (U.S.Owl) 1972 Vinyl has a long mark on side one but it’s light and I can’t here anything. VG+. The cover looks nice! Corner dings, Name AL on the inside fold & Ring Wear, EX Excellent hippie folk album. Very nice and gentle melodies, mellow rural atmospheres with male and female vocals. A must for every folk fan. Carla Sciaky is on this album, a great musician in her own right. $200.00
MOVING SIDEWALKS “Flash” Ultra rare UK original (UK TANTARA) 197? vg++/vg++  UK – TANTARA – 6919 RARE… Certainly well off the beaten path… This was the very FIRST British issue and there were not many copies made… upon thorough investigation of the release, it was issued at least 35 years ago with gatefold cover every aspect in appearance to the mega-rare USA ’69 pressing except this is not in unipack gatefold as the USA issue was… In comparison to the USA issue the sound (quality) is 100% identical . (I have since found out that this issue was made in the late 70’s making even a more desired piece).Our source explains this was the product of a small operation in the UK. Upon it’s release – In 1981 there were copies of this pressing given to Moving sidewalks (& ZZ TOP) lead guitarist Billy Gibbons (call it a form of royalties paid) which Billy gladly accepted…
Great late sixties acid fried Texan psychedelic rock LP by future member BILLY GIBBONS of ZZ Top.
The Moving Sidewalks, as most of you know, were lacing it up with psychedelics & Jimi Hendrix karma…all said a terrific blend of fuzzed-out heavies with a stretch of the imagination creating most wonderfully…This Houston’s psychedelic ’60s sensation… The MOVING SIDEWALKS sole LP, from 1968, is definitely the psychedelic rock dreams are made of. Moving Sidewalks guitarist Billy Gibbons could certainly play incredibly well at this point. Gibbons admiration of Jimi Hendrix is played out on “Pluto-Sept. 31st,” with a JIMI Experience-like riffing rhythm section and a studio freak-out in the middle. The backward vocal of “Eclipse” is quite compelling (though the Zappa/Red Crayola-style production might harsh on your trip), and “Joe Blues” gives an indication of where Gibbons would be heading next. Other highlights (everywhere) include: “What Are You Doing to Do,” “Every Night a New Surprise,” the Elevators styled “Need Me” (complete with Roky Ericson styled wailing vocal), and elsewhere, actually, every track on either side of the platter are winners… A tremendous LP when talking psychedelic ’60s legends…$350


BERMUDA TRIANGLE “SAME” (U.S.WINTERSOLSTICE) 1977 vg++/vg++ CVR AUTOGRAPHED ON BACK. I lucked out on finding a second copy of this quirky masterpiece..Great cover of Dream On…solid originals like Right Track and a mix of several acid folk type pieces make this a great one….If there’s a sound that captures the mid-’60s for me, it’s the electric autoharp. Which leads me to Roger Penney – the instrument’s originator and long-standing proponent. This is one quirky album spanning the musical genre from traditional Celtic instrumentals (‘Lark In the Morning / Swallow Tail’), to conventional rock (‘Right Track’) with all kinds of stops along the way.Well, as exemplified by the rocker ‘Right On’, Roger’s electric autoharp provided for some unique instrumentation.* The pair’s hippy zeitgeist had a certain goofy and likeable charm. You could just smell the stale smoke and Patchouli …On tracks like their cover of Aerosmith’s ;Dream On’ and the closer ‘Wind’ Wendy’s high fragile voice was unique and quickly grew on you. Add to that, she may have been the best looking female bass player you’ve ever seen. $250.00 second copy autographed by Wendy on front $200

BERMUDA TRIANGLE “II” (U.S.Tribeckett) 1984 Super rare second album from 1984! More of the acid folk sounds we love from this couple. Nice copy cvr is M- and in shrink / crease in bottom right corner…Disc is nice enough at VG++ This is extremely rare, just a couple hundred copies $150.00

DON THOMPSON “Jupiter” (U.S.USA/Korona KS5101.) 1976  RARE now and very good. Disc is M-, gatefold cover has some seam wear and a couple of little stains on the inside, I will call thiS.VG+To be strict. Has the insert. Offset-printed gatefold edition of this fine private folk rock LP! $50.00

NORTHERN STAR “Same” (U.S.Harry) 1975 VG++/VG++ Lovely copy of Michigan psych/folk/prog/pop…yes it contains all!Hard to pinpoint where this group came from musically, the songs are very melodious, mixture of rock and pop, with strings and instrumental passages.Keep watch of ‘Summer Winds’, a cheesy love song, but the following track ‘Chicago Skyline’ is an uplifting short instrumental piece with dual acoustic guitars.’Music and Love’ which follows, brings us back to the main theme of the album; rhythm guitar, fanciful piano, lyrics of love and life’s magic    a well established pop/rock sound, ear-friendly $125.00

JOE COHEN “PAGES(U.S.Private) 1975 Rare now, folky in excellent SEALED original condition. Assuming photo and letter insert inside. Fans of outsider and loner folk will dig this.Here is a guy writing songs about broken hearts, lost souls and unreachable dreams…Sounds like my life..You would think is a downer right…wait a minute..Mr Cohen forges ahead in a somehow upbeat manner even though the somber issues are very notable. The music range from stripped down to a full electric sound. There are 9 tracks on the album and three stand out “Ridin in a box Car” about the sad and lonely life of a train bum, Another catchy one is ” Tired of Searching” which has a full sound like a hard rock band with multiple electric guitarists weaving in and out. Then there’s the Dylany “Lonesome Song” with quite intriguing lyrics. The rest of the album is not as good as these three but far better than most out there. Three Voids up to this one. You don’t want to miss it! $100.00

THE PURPOSE “the purpose is the blues” ( 1968 gatefold cover is vg+ promo sticker on front some age wear….intact…disc is ex…has ome lite marks when using a flashlight but plays ballzy…heavy vinyl…original inner sleeve…hard to find lp  $35.00

MYSTIC NUMBER NATIONAL BANK “SAME (U.S.PROBE) 1969 die cut gategold cover is vg++ lite wear  disc is vg++ some lite marks plays ballzy Very raw blues compared to most of the music that was popular at that time. This album has two dogs on it..”Umbrellas” and Big Boy”. …the rest is solid hard blues.Their version of St. James Infirmary is one of the best. Other stand out cuts are Beautician Blues, Good Love and Blues So Bad. A true forgotten blues gem. $35.00

SEQUOIAH “SAME” (U.S.700 WEST) 1975 THATS RIGHT ON 700 WEST! CVR VG++ , DISC M- It’s VERY strongly country flavored soft rock, with lots of pedal steel guitar (which I LOVE if done right. Released on the same label as Zerfas , which obviously attracts a lot of attention to this. $50.00

ROCK MOUNTAIN “SAME (U.S.PRIVATE) 1980 MUSIC IS FROM 70’S AMAZING PRESS KIT WITH THICK BOOKLET, STAGE PASS, POSTER AND MORE   ALL IN M- SHAPE After years of touring the Southeastern local club and college circuit, this Atlanta rock group pooled their financial resources and self recorded this rare private album. All self-penned material except one song. Released on small private label Target Records. Impressive DIY AOR with female vocals. $125.00


FLEETWOOD MAC “RUMOURS” (U.S.WB BSK 3010) 1977 SEALED No Barcode Columbia House record club edition. Still sealed. Sleeve is VG++ Small corner bumps, crease at bottom left, very subtle bowing.$100

FOREIGNER “SAME” (U.S.ATLANTIC) 1977 AMAZINGLY STILL SEALED Cellophane is completely intact, nice tight seal. There are some corner dings as seen in photos, but a very nice looking copy overall.Foreigner’s 1977 debut is one of the watershed albums in Hard Rock History. And is also one of the greatest debut albums in Rock history by any band as well. Foreigner is one of the few bands to ever get everything exactly right directly from the start. And because of that, and the fact that this album is a smooth and seamless melding of Hard Rock pomp and power to Pop songwriting and hooks it gained Foreigner the eternal enmity of critics and snobby elitists everywhere. And it also earned them the love of throngs of Rock fans, mostly because of the sheer strength and listen-ability of the songs. Feels Like The First time establishes Foreigner as a top notch Rock band right out of the gate, it is one hooky anthem. Cold As Ice is sheer genius, it should be against the law to be that damn catchy. Headknocker is easily the hardest song on the album, it rocks out. The Damage Is Done is midtempo brilliance. Long, Long Way From Home is a perfect balance of Rocking and smooth, like a shot of aural whiskey. Woman Oh Woman is a superb track. At War With The Word is criminally underrated. Fool For You Anyway is just perfection.  $125.00

EMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER “SAME” (U.S.ATLANTIC)1970 S/T. Sealed LP released by Atlantic in the US. No barcode. SD 19120 SEALED! Not a cut out. Moderate corner wear. A few small tears in shrink…Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s debut is one of my favorite debuts and one of my favorite progressive rock albums ever. The power of synth on this album is immense. Blasting on your ass with “The Barbarian” it’s intensely driven, then goes into middle part with piano. Then goes right back into the ass blasting. I can’t express how beautiful “Take A Pebble” is. The piano is wonderful, and the guitar by Greg is as soft as a lullaby and has such an air about it. Even though Emo’s virtuoso playing is known by this time (with The Nice), his playing on the song truly shows how amazing he could be on something acoustic. Out with the pretty in with the mad, on the “Knife-Edge” with ELP is on the edge. One example of how Greg’s voice can vary is on this song. The simple matter of this song makes it very enjoyable, methinks. “The Three Fates” shows three different songs rolled into one. The first part, Clotho is pretty cool, but haunting with the sound of the organ. Sounds majestic if anything. The power of Lachesis is all too great as Keith goes heavy and soft, but then with Atropos, it’s three tracks mixed into one (and including drum and bass) with a finale.”Tank” is Carl’s first drum heavy song with ELP. With that said, yes, it does have a drum solo. Carl is actually a cool soloist when it calls for it. We close with a favorite and a hit, “Lucky Man” which kinda speaks for itself when you listen to it. The improvised synthesizer solo near the end always gets me and shows just how great Keith can be. A masterpiece. $125.00

KING CRIMSON “IN THE COURT OF THE CRIMSON KING”(U.S.ATLANTIC) 1978 SEALED NO UPC The debut album of King Crimson is maybe the first progressive rock album ever released. Nothing but total perfection in here. “21st Century Schizoid Man”, “Moonchild”, “I Talk to the Wind” and the title cut are massive pieces of art. But the biggest thing here is “Epitaph”. One of the best songs ever made. This album is one of the strongest totalities ever recorded. Not a single second which isn’t perfect. $150.00

THE MOODY BLUES “GO NOW” (U.S.London) 1965 SEALED MISPRINT ON BACK”BYE BYE BURD”On this you can tell why they had the name Moody Blues. They started out like the Animals and the Zombies in the types of music they played. This is a lot different than the stuff they are known for. The direction they took is a completely different sound than these beginnings.DENNY LAINE IS HERE $75

FERGUSON HULITT “Mushroom Palace” (U.S.KIVA) 2009  My own foray into the psychedelic underground basement private press scene. All original songs by me, psychedelic to blues rock M/M $15

RAINBOW BRIDGE “same” (u.s.private)1988 IN FACTORY shrink m-/m-
Original 36 year old PRIVATE USA pressing, the one and only LP released by this wicked heavy-psych guitar trio places this crew in the top echelon of Jimi Hendrix explosives, no weak tracks on the album, that’s for sure:::: Yes, along with the Badcat Records cat, we’ll readily admit that we’re all in on Hendrix-influenced outfits (Purple Fox, Velvert Turner, etc.).  Guess than makes it pretty easy to figure out how this album joined our collection too … Musically and sonically RAINBOW BRIDGE “Tribute To Jimi Hendrix” is pretty dang excellent, sonic rushes of wah-wah and feedback “Jimi” guitar raining down all over the place on all the tracks staying pretty much true to the Hendrix originals, no easy task…   Featuring the talents of singer/guitarist Bill Baker and brothers  John and Ron Holswade (bass and drums respectively), the album title gives you a pretty good overview of its contents – in this case the trio working their way through eight of Hendrix’s better know tunes.  Baker and the Holeswades are quite good in their roles as the “Experience”.  They certainly have their Hendrix moves down pat.  The album has excellent deep & wide sound quality – far above what you’d normally expect from a vanity project.  It’s quite impressive with a good pair of headphones and a Belgian beer (etc) in your hands.$100

BERNARD BACKMAN “Portrait of Man” (U.S.Mandala) 1969 cvr m- in shrink disc m- w booklet
Xian SSW obscurity. On the back jacket, there’s a list of songs with a quick summary of what each song is about, for example – ‘High-Flyin’ Bird’ – a blues dirge for the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Highlights: the up-tempo folk rocker ‘River Is Risin’, the infectious guitar arrangement in ‘High-Flyin’ Bird’ and the moody ‘Jerusalem Road’. There are a few forays into silliness that spice things up – ‘You Can’t Legislate Morals’, ‘Frog And Cricket’ and the country laced ‘The Pills’. To keep things really interesting, there’s a spoken word tune called ‘Reverse Creation’. The album comes with a packet of stapled sheets for song lyrics. An interesting private Xian record that doesn’t get preachy.

copy 2 m-/m- w booklet just not in shrink

BLOND “SAME” (U.S.FONTANA) VG+/M- CVR LEFT BOTTOM CNR BUMP LITE WEAR DISC M- NOT PERFECT BUT CLOSE…I really like this album – it’s full of well-produced upbeat music with slick art rock textures and power pop moves ala The Hollies & Badfinger. The killer opening ‘Deep Inside My Heart’ quickly gives you an indication that your in for a very entertaining set. The band does go moody a couple of times, but it’s a nice respite and then there’s the finishing extended ‘Caroline’, which has a cool hypnotic beat.$25



ARIZONA “SAME” (U.S.RCA) 1976 SEALED SAWMARK BOTTOM LEFT A nice southern California style rock album, a mixture of acoustic and electric guitars with a couple of funky rockers thrown in. The 7 piece band(6 guys and a lady) even throw in a cover of “Suite Judy Blue Eyes”. $15

ALIVE N KICKIN “SAME”(U.S.ROULETTE)1970 SEALED 2 HYPE STICKERS ON FRONT SAWMARK LOWER LEFT TOMMY JAMES INVOLVEMENT this is soul influenced, bluesy rock with some boogie influences. That word “boogie” is enough to keep me away from most albums, bought this for the “Tighter Tighter” cover and because I read descriptions calling it psych. It’s not bad but it’s not really psychedelic either. The cover of “Tighter” is by far the poppiest thing here. The rest has a female singer who does a pretty good job of sounding Joplinesque! $20

AVIATOR “Same”(U.S.EMI) 1979 SEALED COH Aviator was a short-lived band, but their family tree was full of familiar names: Jethro Tull, Blodwyn Pig, Quantum Jump, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Caravan, Brand X . . . . so it should be expected that Mick Rogers, Clive Bunker, John G. Perry, and Jack Lancaster would have put together a strong set of tracks for the first, eponymous Aviator album, released in either 1978 or 1979, depending on how you read the copyright information on the LP jacket.Out of the nine tracks on this album, four clock in at over 6 minutes, with the finale “Morning Journey” being just shy of a full seven minutes. Those four tracks make Aviator well worth searching out. “Country Morning” especially gets my vote as yet another great lost piece of rock music, with its slow-to-faster sections and outstanding vocal performance from Rogers.
This is quirky, unconventional art-rock with heavier progressive tendencies than, say, Roxy Music. on that I can think of, but this is somewhat better to these ears. a GREAT find…$25

APPLESHINE “Same” (Canadian Private) 1976 Cvr m- shrink disc m- this is from midwest Canada and they try on several types of music, country rock, country n western, straight up rock…femme vox on some mostly originals an interesting album even f it does have peddle steel..tiny press $25

ARROGANCE “Rumors” (U.S.Vanguard) 1976 sealed coh upper left slight cnr bend right taken on a song-by-song basis the results here are quite impressive. Dixon and Kirkland were both accomplished singers and after seven years playing clubs, these guys were one tight entity, capable of handling a wide variety of material without breaking a sweat. They always reminded me of a North Carolina version of NRBQ – a track like ‘Lady Luck and Luxury’ underscores the comparison. $25

MARK ASHTON SAME” (U.S.20TH Century) 1976 sealed Nice cast of musicians on this Rare Bird’s drummer first solo output. It’s a mix between T-Rex, Eagles and some mid-70’s Rolling StoneS. it’s catchy, danceable and infectious at times. I’d say the B side is actually stronger and overall a fun listen from someone not really recognized as a staple of 70’s rock. Worth spinning on a weekend morning at loud volume! $20

THE ASSOCIATION “SAME” (U.S.WARNER BROS) 1969 SEALED CVR VG+ SHRINK IS TEARING LARGE CC BOTTOM LEFT..DISC presumed mint Some rockers, some country/folk rock moves and some of their trademark pop stuff. This is a good record and hidden in the grooves are some really excellent deep pop cuts $10

BRATZ “SAME” (U.S.PRIVATE)1980 SEALED SLIGHT CNR DING “All I Need” is a propulsive progressive AOR delight full of Styx influences and the like from the late 1970’s AOR scene. Side One closer “Queen Of The Broken Hearts” drives with nice edge and employs period keyboard pomp sounds. The energy continues with “Satin Beach Hideaway” with its fast paces, progressive keyboard maneuvers and fiery guitar markers. The subtle synthesizer sounds work well on the slow atmospheric “Slip Away”. Guitar burner “It’s Too Late” brings in a forceful vocal, a cool change up.$100

BURNT RIVER BAND “LIVE AT HARLEY DAVIDSON SWAPMEET” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1981 SEALED Nice but not exceptional live album by Burnt River Band, an obscure group from USA. Rural and bar band rock, with bluesy southern rock and country rock’n’roll/boogie influences. Nice dual lead guitars and occasional use of harmonica. Recorded live in Ohio $50


ACE “AN ACE ALBUM” (U.S.ANCHOR) 1974 SEALED Cut corner upper left hype sticker on cvr Paul Carrack has a great soulful voice, and the production of this album is excellent. solid album including the hit “How Long”, but for my money the best tracks are “Sniffin’ About”, “Time Ain’t Long” and “Know How It Feels”. $15

ACE “TIME FOR ANOTHER” (U.S.ANCHOR) 1975 SEALED CC UPPER RIGHT 2 PRICE STKRS This band is full of talent and the production is great! standout tracks, “No Future In Your Eyes” and “Sail On My Brother” are written and sung by Paul Carrack. Worth it for these 2 songs $10


BRASS MONKEY “SAME” (U.S.RARE EARTH)1971 SEALED SMALL CC STKR ON CVR If these guys had done more original work, it would have benefited them greatly or had lesser known/obscure covers. The hard rock guitar infused instrumental ‘Strange Days’ is cool. ‘Bang Bang’ is solid due to it’s beefy guitar moves. There’s also some decent softer tracks, like ‘Goodbye Birds’. The US version’s album jacket artwork adds interest.They had a lot of promise $20

BUCKWHEAT “SAME” (U.S.LONDON PROMO)1971 SEALED PROMO STICKER ON CVR Rock cats who like to boogie, but it’s a little on the commercial side, boogie served with dirty vanilla.The band like to rock a bit, south influenced, but the production should have stripped down some more instead of making this more than it was, overproduced songs.

TIMBER “PART OF WHAT YOU HEAR” (U.S.KAPP) 1970 SEALED COH Timber certainly seemed to have a bright future, but Kapp was in the midst of being consolidated into MCA, and did little to nothing to promote the band. Part of What You Hear is vibrant and adventurous, pushing the boundaries of genre and song structure. Even in the internet age, a few gems are still hidden. This promising debut is one of them. $20 SEALED

DETECTIVE “SAME” (U.S.SWANSONG) SEALED SAWMARK UPPER LEFT  SUPER GROUP Detective’s 1977 self titled debut is one of the greatest and most crunching Hard Rock albums of the 1970’s. It is also one of the greatest unstoppable-avalanche heavy Drumming albums of all time, and the reason why is pretty clear. In the mid 1970’s at the very height of their success, Led Zeppelin formed their own record label, Swan Song records. The first band signed to Swan Song was Bad Company, Detective came shortly thereafter. Jimmy Page himself oversaw the musical direction of Detective, and made sure Detective’s powerful Drummer John Hyde sounded as much like John Bonham as possible..and he does. Some of the Drum tracks on Detective could crush Mt Rainier to powder. This album overall is a hideously powerful and polished Hard Rock gem, and the songs are just immense, culminating in the towering olympian heights of One More Heartache. if you’re a fan of Zeppelin, powerful Drumming, of 1970’s Hard Rock you’re gonna love Detective $20

GULLIVER “SAME” (U.S.ELEKTRA EKS7470) 1970 W DARYL HALL AND TIM MOORE SEAELED TINY CC SLIGHT BND UPPER LEFT CNR Two members of Philadelphia’s Gulliver later became prominent players in the pop music world. Vocalist and future hit maker Daryl Hall got his start in the band, and Tim Moore would go on to write hits for everyone from the Bay City Rollers and Cher to Art Garfunkel and Colin Blunstone. Their 1969 debut Gulliver is mostly pop rock with soft folk undertones, a sound that Moore would refine on four solo records for the Asylum label in the 1970s. His early work here shows promise. “Rose Come Home” is bright sunshine pop suitable for the Partridge Family, while the ambitious “Enough/Over the Mountain” is darker toned, but no less melodic. You can hear Moore striving to be as tuneful as possible on these and other tracks, yet they all seem to lack the final bit of needed polish to successfully put them over. The album presents an interesting starting point though. After its release, the band broke up and Daryl Hall found work recording demos for other artists with a partner named John Oates. The rest is history. $20

SWALLOW “SAME” (U.S.WARNER) 1973 SEALED! promo sticker on cvr and promo sheet inside shrink here’s an under the radar southern rocker with a touch of boogie and a dab of the blues…great songs but it now before it rises in $$$$ $25

JUSTIN TYLER “NIGHT FALL ” (U.S.PRIVATE ) 1980 SEALED TINY CNR BUMP carce private singer-songwriter album from New York musician. Justin enlists lots of musicians to help and it pays off. This is a well-crafted AOR pop rock outing with that private press slant. The fast paced opening title track is a cool pop rocker with a catchy chorus and a little synth. Despite the song’s title, “Country Choice” is a beefy guitar rocker and is not a country song. Another fast paced muscular rocker and highlight is “In The Morning Sun” as well as Side II’s opener “Get Down”. Female background singers come out to play on highlight “If You Want Paradise”. COOL ALBUM $65

DARYL BEARD “One of Everything” (U.S.PRIVATE) 1979 SEALED Flipped out James Taylor vibe type..great interesting songs $25




SWEETWATER “MELON” (U.S.REPRISE) 1971 SEALED SHRINK COMING OFF AT BOTTOM, CVR IS VG++ DISC PRESUMED MINT Sometimes Sweetwater sounds a bit like The Association (post-1968), sometimes a bit like Three Dog Night, and sometimes a bit like Jethro Tull, which is a nice surprise. $25


ARS NOVA “SAME”(U.S.ELEKTRA) 1968 GF cVR IS VG++ SCOH LITE WEAR THE DISC IS M- a classic outright. Totally unique baroque psych that positively oozes atmosphere, it’s just the right amount of bombast coupled with the right amount of weirdness, coupled with great compositional chops.


BLACK PEARL “SAME” (U.S.ATCO) 1969 VG+/VG+ good album… it is just a mix of joplin shook with taj mahal..The best thing about this only album by Black Pearl is the guitarwork which is strong.$25

GARY TANIN “Love Changes All” (U.S.Private) 1972 SEALED pre Otto and the Elevators…excellent and super rare pop rock from gifted singer….reportedly a 200 press $200

THE YOUNG SOUND “68” (U.S.Somerset) SEALED M- slight cnr ding “out of sight hits for the now people”
Animated Egg is on one song. Pretty cool hype lp, better than most $50

JOSHUA “God spoke and Said “Lead my people” (U.S.Impact) 1973 textured cvr vg+ to vg++ some wear writing on back…disc looks solid vg++ kind of rare now red labels edition
1973’s “Joshua” was quite impressive. Not a right in your face Xian lp. With Sena credited with penning nine of the ten songs, the results melded Crosby, Stills & Nash vocal harmonies with harder rock moves. The three principles split lead vocals, but their blended voices were very attractive. Exemplified by songs like ‘The World’, ‘Revelation’, ‘Keep Your Light Shining’ and ‘I was Lonely’ these guys could rock out and had an ear for tasty guitar riffs. Yes. I’m even surprised by how much I enjoyed the album. With the possible exception of the ballad ‘If He Came To Your House’ there wasn’t a song that I didn’t find appealing.$500

THE NEWS “Hot of the Press “(U.S.Private) 1974 cvr vg++ LITE WEAR ONLY DISC IS M- looks unplayed This rare lp traverses the border between psych rock and country rock and the result is a fine album! There were 500 of these made back in 74 so rare now $100

LODESTAR “Same” (U.S.Private)1979 pre SCRAM CVR VG++ in shrink tiny cnr bumps disc is M-
Pretty smokin’ hard rock record with one foot in a country-ish hard rock past akin to, say, Blue Cheer’s later albums, or Nitzinger, and one foot in the then-current hard rock/metal sound of UFO or the Scorpions. Which makes it sound oddly modern in a G’n’R and Black Crowes way at times. I know, a lot of references there.Bad ass, yes, bad ass indeed. $100

KALLABASH CORPS “Same” (U.S.Private) 1970 pretty good southern rocker.Allman Brothers vibes who were there heroes Many of the copies made were taken to the dump sadly. Great album both songs and vocals cover solid vg++ in shrink normal wear..disc is vg++ $100

TONY’S TYGERS “Little by Little” (U.S.Teentown) 1968 nice m-/m- copy of 68 teen pop sounds. Not for everybody but you know who you are…$65 copy 2 vg++/vg+ $50

SATAN and DISCIPLES “Underground” (U.S.Goldband) 1968 cvr poor some tears on front water damage back disc is vg+ or better…is Freddy Fender here? I don’t know but this is an entertaining jaunt thru titles like “Satans First Theme” and “Devil Time” if you don’t take this lp too serious its kinda cool. Rare now also $150

MOUNTAINMAN “Same” (U.S.Camelia) 1971 heavy gatefold is vg++ small stain at top of front cvr and corner ding disc is vg++ to M- not perfect but close cool Californy acid folk loner vibes w “Dark as a Dungeon” and “Leave them a Flower” rare one $200

THE MANIFEST Destiny “Evening All Day” (U.S.RCR) 1969 CVR IS VG+ some lite rw general wear disc is vg to vg+ numerous tiny marks, nothing big…plays well w passive noise here and there…well regarded folk group from Va VERY RARE $125

FOOTCH KAPUT “Good Clean Fun” (U.S.PRIVATE)1978 cover is vg++ partially in shrink corner wear disc is betwixt vg+ to vg++ lite marks that occasionally offer slight noise w one photo and lyric sleeve
This type of hippy rock seems to have reached Wisconsin ten years after it was out of date in the rest of the US.They sound like they’re from about a decade earlier.I love this unique record. Very special stuff! $200

JESSE LANKFORD “We’ll Take Our Last Walk Tonight” (U.S.Crazy Cajun) 1978 SEALED on the very crazy Crazy Cajun label Jess LAnkford who was part of the great Houston’s Natural Gas brings more of the ame here. Rock with souful vocals $50

MOOLAH “Woe Ye Demons Possessed” (U.S.ANNUIT COEPTIS) 1974 Original with Sterling stamped in the runoff, green labels m-/m- nice An American band in 1974 makes a distinctly German Krautrock record. I’m hesitant to draw the connection and give it that constitution, so a reminder is in order: it’s the spirit that lends it that distinction. I find it a little daunting to describe the sound—it’s a little bit impenetrable and defies easy classification. In a roundabout way their sense of exploration could be compared to Popol Vuh, but then again, they arrive at a much more ambivalent place in sound. More than anything, the sound here is deeply mystical. Ambient drones characterize the record but the compositions themselves are closer to spiritual jazz—albeit, through an early new age filter. You start to hear ghosts through the reverb. Fully experimental but never particularly challenging… a meditation. $200

MOOLAH “Woe Ye Demons Possessed” (U.S.Annuit Coeptis) 2012 blue label boot M-/M- $75

JIM LYON “POINT OF CONTACT”(U.S.NATURAL) vg+/m-sleeve has 3 inch seam split at top small stkr on cvr disc nice vg++ insert is here..excellent folkrock with jazz touches $30

LES MOORE “YESTERDAY” (U.S.NATURAL ) 1973 cover is vg++ has some wear but no ringwear or seal splits no stickers…disc is vg++ some lite marks but nice…nice folky album $30


CDS AVAILABLE AT $6 EACH(NO DISCOUNT)  BEST OF VOID, JEREMY DORMOUSE, ODA, BRAZDA BROTHERS, �LUCIFER, RETURN TO BLISS, KHAZAD DOOM CHERRYTOWN JOHN PALMER, MUSHROOM PALACE , and on Lion kc jammers, michaleangelo, third estate shipping $4 for one $8.00 for 4 overseas I’ll quote


Here is a list of reissues for sale Check out the sale prices! Plus 20% off on each


APRYL FOOL “SAME” (SURVIVAL RESEARCH) SEALED REISSUE OF 69 GEM ON COLOURED VINYLThis S/T record is the only album by this Japanese band. The album includes two kind of songs. There are some very trippy acid psych rock tracks and also some very basic blues rock songs. The bluesy material is mostly good but the biggest standout tracks are the more psychedelic numbers. Most of the lyrics are in English but there are some Japanese lyrics included as well. In my opinion Apryl Fool’s only record is a very good disc. some consider this to be as powerful and strong as some other Japanese psych rock albums (for example Demon & Eleven Children by Blues Creation or Satori by Flower Travellin’ Band) it’s still a very solid disc from the start to the finish. Recommended.$30

I like this a lot, but personally don’t hear much Hendrix in it. The guitarist is very good, but sounds to me like a guy doing his own thing. I hear about as much Hendrix in his playing as I hear Clapton in Hendrix’s playing, i.e. not much. A bit closer to Santana if anything, but not a lot. As for the funk element, closer to the first Parliament album (Osmium) than to Funkadelic, but if anything more in the region of James Gang. The quality of the tunes is quite consistent, with three or four particularly good ones. I’d describe it as soulful hard psych rock with a touch of funk and a hint of prog. The vocals occasionally sound somewhat strained/off, which I assume is the result of a very tight recording schedule on a day when the singer’s voice was shot or otherwise below par, and with no option of more studio time from the dodgy Roulette subsidiary. The singing is soulful and earthy nonetheless, and again I don’t hear the similarity to Hendrix’s bluesy vocals that some others claim to hear. Apart from the vocalist’s slight accent, the most Caribbean thing about the album is the organ, played paradoxically by the only American in the band, though even here the sound is more Vincent Crane than reggae. In fact I’d probably place the group’s sound somewhere between Atomic Rooster, James Gang and Zamrock band WITCH, and relatively far from Hendrix, Sly Stone and Funkadelic.If you are hoping for a Hendrix, Sly and the Family Stone or Funkadelic clone, you will probably be disappointed. If on the other hand you’re in the market for unpolished hard psych rock with soulful vocals and a touch of funk, you may be pleasantly surprised.$25

THE GROWING CONCERN SAME (LABEL HONEY PIE) SEALED ORIGINALLY RELEASED ON THE COLLECTIBEL MAINSTREAM LABEL IN 1968. HERE WE HAVE A NICE LIMITED REISSUE. Terrific album. What always struck me the most about it was the cynical, sad lyrics over ultra-catchy sunshine pop. A unique combination. I love this album, a jangly cross between early Byrds, Surrealistic Pillow and a psychedelic electric Peter, Paul and Mary, souped up with tumbling drums, sweet groovy Doorsy organ and the wild unfettered lead of Ralph Toms. The intro/outro of “Edge of Time” prefigures the pure cathedral tones of Maddy Prior, and we get some harpsichord in spots also. Their hearts are on their sleeves, as in earnest cuts like Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled and Mister You� re a Better Man Than I . Cast yourself back into that time when mums and dads were into Frank Ifield, play LOUD, and it ll rock you baby! When the end has come/ be ready like some.” A classic serve of vintage West Coast psychedelia. $25.00


THE BATTERED ORNAMENTS MANTLE-PIECE” (LABEL SURVIVAL RESEARCH) ORIGINALLY RECORDED IN 1969..THIS LIMITED EDITION HAS A GATEFOLD JACKET Pete Brown & His Battered Ornaments released their strong debut album earlier in the same year. Mantle-Piece was their second studio LP and for this album they shortened their name to just The Battered Ornaments. Their first record was a very diverse mix of different musical styles. It had elements from psychedelia, blues rock, jazz and even some experimental material could be found from it. That theme is continued here..Featuring Pete Brown and the axe man Chris SPedding. $20.00

VELVET NIGHT “SAME” (LABEL KLIMT) SEALED ORIGINALL RECORDED 1970 LIMITED TO 500 COPIES ON VIOLET VINYL PLUS 1 BONUS TRACK Hippy rock with some heaviness, maybe slightly dated for 1970, could be from a couple years earlier. This band sound like they had something, the covers are good, the originals are quirky and interesting, often creepy, the playing and singing is cool. It’s hard to judge a band from an LP which relies on a lot of covers, so it’s a shame we’ll never know what more they could have done $20.00

CANNIBIS JOINT EFFORT (LABEL SURVIVAL RESEARCH) SEALED ORIGINALLY FROM 1972 Released on the tiny Amphion Seahorse label (possibly private, I’ve never seen another album on it), 1972’s “Joint Effort” is one of those rare albums that perfectly captures those “heady” times. One can almost catch a whiff of weed when opening the LP for the first time! Cannabis’ semi-country influenced psych flavored brand of bar-band rock is just what the doctor ordered when the lights go down, and the joints light up. Though by no means a lost classic, it is certainly one of the most consistently good records I own, and I don’t regret it for a minute. Once it grows on you, you’ll feel the same as an original band. $20.00

RO RO “MEET AT THE WATER (LABEL SURVIVAL RESEARCH) 1972 originally recorded in 1972  sealed limited reissue,,,nice combo of progressive rock and folk rare as an original $20.00

CHICO MAGNETIC BAND SAME (LABEL SURVIVAL RESEARCH)  1971 RECORDING SEALED LIMITED PRESSING Chico Magnetic Band was a group from France. Chico (Mahmoud Ayari) was born in Tunisia (and after moved to France). This album is full of trippy heavy psych/acid rock, with an underground sound, reverbs, crazy percussions, terrific fuzzy guitars and stoned vocals. Influenced by Jimi Hendrix, but with a more cryptic and experimental feeling. Strong album!  $20.00

THE ART OF LOVIN” SAME” (AUDIO CLARITY) 2022 SEALED 180 GRAM Released in 1968 and the one and only album by this short lived band. The music is a blend of psych/Rock/pop with elements of Jefferson airplane. Overall it’s a pleasing record to listen to, but an album that is very much from and of its time. Sounds a little dated now, but I think that is part of its charm. It is like a time capsule that once dug up and opened gives you a 33 minute insight of what the music scene was like back in New York in 1968. The female lead singer makes the record for me, sounding in turns like Grace Slick and Mama Cass. Mentions too for the excellent organ and guitar playing that provide that sixties psychedelic sound that weaves the whole album together. A nice discovery. $20.00

listening Pop Psych with Impressionable Folk Rock Leanings
There s a variety of prod3uction techniques used here that ultimately give it song diversity. The best songs include the upbeat pop psych of Wrong and rich pop melodies found in Pedestals Elsewhere there the haunting opener Sandcastles , the baroque arranged Free and standout A Nickel s Worth Of Benny� s Help , which brings in the fuzz guitar and rocks it with some stellar psych moves. A variety of period reviews nail this as being mediocre, which it is not – this is a satisfying album.$20.00

SPIRIT AND WORM SEALED PSYCH REISSUE (AUDIO CLARITY) SEALED This is among the rarest major label American psych releases. It was withdrawn almost immediately after release, once the label discovered that the band’s choice of cover art had occult inferences. I would imagine it was the label’s anger over this ruse that kept them from re-issuing it with a different cover. Consequently, the only originals to survive were the few that sold prior to the recall. Of course, it has been bootlegged numerous times, as well as legitimately reissued, so it is now available to a much wider audience. And this is a good thing, because the music is superb. I really love this album with it’s distinctly west coast style, male/female vocal harmony pop/psych and hippie rock, and featuring fuzz guitar and some mild effects. It may come as a surprise that a band that so completely ‘nailed’ the west coast sound, is actually from Long Is. NY. This is a great record, certainly not heavy, but with catchy, well written tunes that you will be humming to yourself for days afterward. And it’s quite consistent as well. If you do find yourself liking this a lot, you might also want to look into the album by Ill Wind, which features a slightly heavier, but similar sound A MUST! $30

THE BUSHES “Assorted Shrubbery”(Private Reissue) sealed Motown and various other soul/pop covers by this garage band, featuring a fairly hard sound overall. Some blues moves as well as a garagey edge also. $20

GOLDENROD “SAME” (U.S.CHARTMAKER) 200? SEALED REISSUE OF HEAVY PSYCH What a GREAT jam band album this is. Goldenrod were another pretty much forgotten psych band of the late 60’s. They released just this one album which includes four pretty long totally instrumental numbers which are all highly enjoyable. Especially I like the B-side here but the songs on the A-side are really cool too. There’s not much I have to say about any of these tracks except for that those will most likely satisfy any jam band/acid rock fanatic out there. Yet another band which should have recorded another album. Sadly they didn’t and their lone LP and the whole band were left to the underground. The original first press of this vinyl LP is very rare and valuable which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Fantastic stuff all the way through and the cover art is also pretty interesting. Highly recommended for every psychedelic rock fan.$20.00

THE PARLOUR BAND “IS A FRIEND” (label audio clarity) sealed remastered edition, gatefold jacket, recorded originally 1972Another overlooked gem with this beautiful record maintaining a high standard… A sort of meeting between a less oriented organ CRESSIDA and HOME. The melodies are very strong, but the only problem is the lack of a distinctive song destined to have been a hit or a million seller. $20.00

GARY WALKER AND THE RAIN “ALBUM #1” (AUDIO CLARITY) 2022 SEALED 180 GRAM REISSUE  This is a true lost classic of the British Psychedelic era. When I first listened to it I wasnt very impressed, but trying it again abit later, I was floored. Most of the tracks are amazing, some of the highlights incude Market Tavern, and the mind blowing track The View. Thier cover of Spooky is almost as energetic and great as Classics IV’s version. Orignally released only in Japan, getting an original of this LP is next to impossible, I cannot believe more people don’t talk about / recommend this album. Instantly caught my attention upon first listen. Razor sounding guitar is prevalent throughout the album. Excellent guitar work showcased throughout this nugget. $25.00

INSECT TRUST SAME ( LABEL CAPITOL) sealed 180 gram reissue A Loud, Bright recording of some fantastic, experimental psych/folk music.This band explores many styles and sounds to capture a sound that is quite unique for the genre and era. Nothing crazy, just odd combinations,quirky turnarounds and strange arrangements that keep the listener engaged and excited about what’s coming next. $25.00
Highly recommended.

SEDMINA “MELITA&VENO DOLENC” (ITALIAN MELLOTRON) 2000? sealed acid folk rock Here is one collector’s view which is like my own Singer/songwriter Veno Dolenc and his wife Melita performed as a duet during 1970s. They formed the band Sedmina in 1977 and released this debut album in 1980. So, it can be viewed as Melita & Veno Dolenc’s album called “Sedmina”, or an album of the band Sedmina called “Melita & Veno Dolenc” – whatever you prefer, because I did not find any indication to either. The music is nicely composed and performed acoustic folk, featuring acoustic string traditional instruments with occasional flute and piano. Above all, surprisingly well-harmonised vocals of Melita and Veno are sort of a signature of this sound. Surprisingly, because they were virtually unknown in Yugoslavia at the time of release of this album. It is a collection of mainly short, concise and extremely pleasant songs with simple albeit accessible chords and melodies. “Veter beli konj” contains an odd sound similar to Theremin, inspired by Central/Southeast European traditions. The cover design by Veno is also excellent and reminds of classic surrealist art. Even Paul Whitehead who did early �Genesis covers comes to mind. 20

TRYAD “If Only You Believe in Lovin” (U.S Del Val ) Acoustic guitar driven male/female vocal harmony folk, with a few prog moves in the mix. t may have been released in the early-’70s, but tracks like ‘Columbia Tavern’ and ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers’ would not have sounded out of place on a mid-’60s folk LP. M-/M- $20.00


THE DEEP “Psychedelic Moods” (U.S.Void Records) Thought to be sold out but I found some copies These have paste on cvrs, pink vinyl and pink 45! I have about 10 to sell so grab yours $30

JOINT EFFORT “FINAL EFFORT” (U.S.Void Records) same as above I have found 10 copies with paste on cvrs black vinyl and insert $25



RICHARD SOUTAR”SATORI CIRCUS’ (VOID RECORDS) VOID65BRAND NEW RELEASE OF RICHARD’S LATEST ALBUM OF GREAT MATERIAL FROM LAST SEVERAL YEARS..There are some great rockers, intelligent lyrics and some dreamy sounds that were evident on prior releases. This is a small 400 pressing on black vinyl with wild cover art……one not to miss to complete your Void catalog $20.00

RICHARD SOUTAR EPISODES Legitimate 500 Void Records reissue of Richard’s hideously rare 2nd lp which was 100 press at the time in the 1970’s. Here is a glossy cover legit press with Richard’s help and with lyric sheet as well included. “Love’s Fool” is a highlight. Electric eclectic folkrock at it’s best! Only from the Void. M/M  $16.00

THE RAYNE “SAME” (U.S.VOID RECORDS) VOID64 2022 BRAND NEW ISSUE OF MID TO LATE 60’S GARAGE POP PSYCH BAND FROM N.Y. Comprised of  6 period originals, plus 3 period covers and 2 later songs, the Rayne have a west coast psych sound with female/male vox…..450 press on black vinyl, band insert sealed…Sure to be a sellout. Thanks to Hank Mishkoff �$20.00

MAD FABLES “GET OFF” (U.S. VOID62) 2021  500 PRESS BLACK VINYL One of the greatest rarities and albums from New Jersey, the Fables echo the Dead, Little Feat, Allman Brothers etc… One of the terrific jam bands of the 70’s and beyond, the Mad Fables played together a long time, this album being a terrific document of the band. The front cvr drawing of a freaky gremlin sitting on the shoulder of a “square” makes this look like an early punk rock album. Wait! It’s the exact opposite…the album reminds one of being in college , jamming to some great players, smoking a little weed and an overall good  feel. “Headband” is a terrific anthemic type song and all the others are great as well.. The rarity of this lp is pretty high in this day and age…For our reissue we have used a perfect vinyl copy, sometimes that’s the beat, with a repro of the front cover and have added a back cover and an insert. Top notch work as always with love from the Void! This reissue is dedicated to my son Brett who we lost New Year’s Day 2021….Void on Brett!!!!!! $16.00

The long awaited Void issue of this extremely rare lp is FINALLY here. A legit 500 pressing on black vinyl w insert written by band. An American Indian theme is present here and a highlight for me “Fly On Goose Wings”.Wow! I was really impressed with this one. These guys were a trio of two guitars and bass. The music here is pretty much blues-based folk, with a strong rural rock feel on some tracks, along some really nice minor-keyed songs, verging on acid-folk. The instrumental work is very strong, as is all three members singing. I would say that if your interested at all in collecting 70’s US underground folk rock then this one is one you should pick up.$20.00

ORFEUS “Lying To The Wall” (VOID61) 2019 Legitimate 500 vinyl press of extremely rare Kentucky Uriah Heep meets the whole southern rock genre sound….Monster title cut! Sealed. Here’s a pretty rare one that has escaped my attention until this reissue popped up. Originals in good shape run between $400 as of this writing. What started out as somewhat hard, semi-comm, southern rock on side 1, devolves into softer and even more commercially oriented material on side 2. I could detect some distinct elements of Tripsichord Music Box on the chorus to the title track, and the next cut, an instrumental, had some funk vibes.$16.00

SUGAR BEAR “SAME” (U.S.VOID RECORDS VOID63) 2021 W help from John McGlaughlin deluxe exact reissue pressed in quantites of 450 black vinyl….with insert Here we have a mix of rural flavored boogie rock and swamp rock featuring some solid guitar and generous use of wah-wah, which was prevalent in that section of the country. There are also some mild psych elements via some echo on selected tracks. Side one is pensive at best, with the standout there being A3 – good, but as of this listening just lacking that certain something to lift it to the next level. Side two is clearly more substantive, and features more convincing material. They have been compared to The Dead, but I’m not really hearing it all that much. $16.00



EDWIN BIRDSONG “DANCE OF SURVIVAL “(U.S.BAMBOO) 200?? SEALED Great ( 7.18 minutes) killer organ-heavy funky opening track ” Dance of Survival”A must hear if funk is your thing! $25

THE CASE “BLACKWOOD” (U.S.LION)sealed super rare as an original, here’s a nice reissue  teenage hipsters from pa…some jesus freak vibes also $25

CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND “ONE STEP BEYOND (U.S.TOWER) 200?? SEALED REISSUE On One Step Beyond, The Chocolate Watch Band move away from the full-on psych of The Inner Mystique and the primal garage of No Way Out to adopt a more straightforward rock sound. Don’t let that put you off though because the songwriting is to a very high standard, and they get heavier than ever on “Devil’s Motorcycle”. A final great album from a great band, this is a lot better than many folks will tell you. $25

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