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WAKEFIELD “The Lost Warthog Tapes” Great comp cd




WAKEFIELD “The Lost Warthog Tapes”  Great comp cd   U.S.Gearfab cd   SEALED

Wakefield came from Pueblo, Colorado and existed between 1969 and 1974.Although they never published a proper LP, they were quite well-known, playing in several American states with a basic six-piece core and a heavy instrumentation, including flute, piano, horns, organ, percussion and saxophone.The band also featured songwriter and producer Bobby Barth.This archival release offers 14 tracks out of the band’s repertoire, which mostly come in a Psychedelic Rock vein with folky underlines, progressive touches and heavier explosions.Sweet vocals and rhythmic timbales and percussion, melodic saxes and horns, rural flute and some proggy moves on electric guitar and organ.

1969, Pueblo, CO, United States
Bobby Barth (lead guitar, vocals), Mike Carroll (trumpet, flute, guitar, piano, vocals), Charlie Ferrill (drums), Carl Marcon (bass, vocals), Steve Moore (organ, French horn, vocals), Ron Struthers (saxophone, flute, vocals), Paul Zamucen (percussion), Rose Mary Duran (vocals), Steve Brown (bass)
Track listing
⦁ 1 Bring It On 4:20
⦁ 2 Something Is Coming 4:10
⦁ 3 How Does It Feel? 3:54
⦁ 4 I Will Always Come Back 4:32
⦁ 5 Old Man 11:06
⦁ 6 I Know 3:10
⦁ 7 Water 8:18
⦁ 8 Snowchild 9:45
⦁ 9 In My Mind 8:03
⦁ 10 Landgrabber 4:40
⦁ 11 You and I 6:07
⦁ 12 Let’s Get Loaded 3:27
⦁ 13 You’ll Find Your Man 4:56
⦁ 14 Rollin’ Down the Highway