September 22, 2016
WITS END “Same” (U.S.Guiness GNS 36006 ) On infamous tax scam label
June 16, 2022
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Yancy Derringer- Openers

Original press on Hemisphere 1975! 
‘This ridiculous stoner hard rock album on the same label as Clicker and Tongue has attracted attention because of the 7-minute ‘Weedburner’. It really is a great song (albeit with dodgy lyrics), with an eerie chord progression, some hot slide guitar and a terrific long spacy ending. The rest of the album is less heavy, more in a bar-band mode, with occasional boogie beats and pianos and lots of lyrics about partying. They definately have the feel of a massively popular local band. Though the guitar and keyboard solos are mostly pedestrian, the overall arangements are clever and unpredictable, and the album spans a wide range of hard rock styles which fit together nicely. Most of the album rocks quite convincingly. The most peculiar song is ‘Rocket Roll’. It has a poppy melody and high vocals reminiscent of Rick Derringer’s ‘Teenage Love Affair’, but breaks the mood for a spacy interlude in the middle, probably just to make sure that there’s something druggy on every song. This may not be smart (though they claim pot gives them “insight”), but its rock and roll instincts are excellent, and overall this is a surprisingly solid album without a dud in the bunch’. – Acid Archives
VG- sleeve (partial seam split), VG vinyl yancyderringerGOOD COPY FOR PRICE