September 1, 2022
September 1, 2022
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CARP “Same” w Gary Busey


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CARP “Same” w Gary Busey (U.S. Yellow Epic) 1970  Gary Busey (vocals, drums), Ron Getman (vocals, guitar), John Crowder (vocals, bass), Glen Mitchell (vocals, piano) 1970 us yellow epic.

First off let me admit I bought this because of Gary Busey and the shop in question was selling it pretty cheap in good condition (for some collectors that says something, haha), and really I didn’t expect a lot. Upon listening, no I didn’t get a hell of a lot, but it was better than I was expecting. Some half decent country rock, honky tonk piano and x-tian lyrics considered. There are some nice lead guitar passages and the songwriting is a tad better than some albums of the same ilk, and occasionally the band really rocks out in their own fashion. The back cover does state that it isn’t the typical 60s type rock album (mentioning Jefferson Airplane by name!). The cover is kind of weird , back looks like front. I also thought I was looking at the back when I was looking at the front of the sleeve. An interesting design but as a person who is “papered” in design qualification, it kinda fails in my own eye.
Glossy vinyl – no feeler scratches – no spindle marks! VG NM- Solid jacket – no splits – hint light spot scuffs – PROMO strip front bottom!