July 13, 2022
July 13, 2022
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McKenna Mendolson Mainline “Blues” On Paragon!


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McKENNA MENDOLSON MAINLINE“BLUES” (Canadian Paragon #15) 1969 real nice copy of the collectable label’s release…cover is Light ringwear mostly back cover Very light seamwear bottom seam so VG++ Disc also very nice at VG++

Terrific heavy hard bluerock! The boys went for a UK tour and Jack Boswell at the ALLIED helm, got word of their rising flame of popularity, decided to cull those sessions they recorded before the UK tour, and release it on his PARAGON RECORDS ‘Tax Shelter’ imprint (kinda like a B movie atmosphere for music releases). Supposedly, this was done without the knowledge of the band members, I am not aware of any legalities, or action against the release. Having personally dealt with Jack probably made sure all the t’s were crossed on the contract.

This album, simply titled BLUES, is so raw and powerful it utterly blows away STINK. The versions they did at on STINK that were done after BLUES, are very weak side by side. BLUES on PARAGON is just the sound of these musicians on the brink bubbling with energy and explosive talent and the vibe of being young at the time of a cultural revolution. One other item that makes BLUES standout, it has the involvement of one Bass master, DENNY GERRARD, who hailed from the band THE PAUPERS. DENNY, was voted best BASS player, in a Jazz publication (no less!) 2 years in a row in the US in the late 60’s.