About Void Vinyl

Own Original CDs and Vinyl Records in Just a Click

Listening to rare records of musicians is now possible when you purchase legitimate vinyl reissues from our store. Void Vinyl Records in Millville, New Jersey, also offers authentic CDs for sale. Our mission is to revive old tunes and provide our clients with the scarcest music records of all time. For more than 20 years in the business, we have become a renowned music store for vintage vinyl and record collectors.

Reliving the Classics

There's always something cool about cuing a record on a turntable and watching it spin in the background as your favorite music fills the room. Experience that awesome feeling when you purchase original vinyl albums from us. Our growing inventory currently boasts as much as 20,000 vinyl albums. We also have new albums that come in weekly. The music genres include:

Psychedelic | Rock & Roll | Hard Rock | Folk | Progressive | Experimental

Our Commitment

Void Vinyl Records brings you sounds that some listeners have never heard before. If you're looking for a specific album that's not listed in our site, all you have to do is contact us and we will provide you with additional inventory listings. Aside from popular tunes, we sell albums from smaller labels. We can even have your band's records reissued through our Monsters from the Void series.

Prices and Policies

Vinyl reissues only cost $20 while popular albums that are not hard to find cost $50 or below. On the other hand, some rare originals cost as much as $1,500. Please note that we offer a full return and refund policy for items with proper insurance. We will also help locate and obtain authentic records with an initial 25% deposit from the final cost.